View Grades

After a term has been completed and the grades have been posted, students can use this function to view the grades by term.

  1. From the Student Homepage, click on the Academic Records tile.
    View Grades 1
  2. Click on View Grades from the menu on the left.
    View Grades 2
  3. Click on the term that you would like to view the grades.
    View Grades 3
  4. The grades will be displayed for the term chosen. The Menu on the left can be collapsed by clicking the "pause" symbol on the left middle of screen. The term can be changed by clicking the "Change" button at the top left. Details for each individual class can be displayed by clicking on the ">" on the right for the class. Alternative grading was offered for the following terms: Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Winter, 20/21, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. To see original grades, click on the term "Original Grade Report" at the bottom left. Original Grade Report is not available for terms Fall 2021 and beyond.
    View Grades 4
  5. Class details can be displayed by clicking on the tabs under "Class Information." Meeting Information, Enrollment Information, Class Details, Class Availability will be display when their box has been clicked.
    View Grades 5

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