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Facilities Division

In supporting the mission of West Chester University, the Facilities Division designs, constructs and maintains a dynamic, safe, and sustainable campus to continually advance its nationally benchmarked living and learning community.

Work Control Center

Work Control acts as the primary customer service representative for the

Facilities Division

. Tasks include:

  • Communicate emergency work requests to Facilities personnel
  • Act as an advocate for the customer in trying to resolve issues and concerns
  • Provide group/ individual TMA training sessions
  • Assist with monthly chargebacks & prepare management reports
  • Prepare monthly TMA reports for management review
Work Control Hours and Contact Info

News and Alerts

  • Facilities has a new Work Order System for WCU On-Campus Housing. Please click the button below to submit a Work Order for On-Campus Housing. For after-hours maintenance emergencies, please contact Public Safety at 610.436.3311 or ext. 3311.

Submit a Work Order for On-Campus Housing
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Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I request service?

For maintenance, cleaning, and grounds issues, submit a TMA Work Request by selecting Maintenance Request @ iServiceDesk.

To request work to be done by our Moving Service department, submit a TMA Work Request by selecting Move Request @ iServiceDesk.

Before ordering furniture, contact our Design group by submitting a TMA Work Request and selecting Furniture Purchase Request @ iServiceDesk.

If your request is complex in nature, requiring more than 2 shops or the relocation of several pieces of furniture, submit a TMA Work Request by selecting a Complex Request.

What is the difference between a work request and a work order?

A work request is a request for work to be completed. 

A work order is used by the technician performing the work and to record the necessary action taken, the length of time to complete the action, and any parts that were used to complete the work. 

Requests are submitted to Facilities via iServiceDesk, where they are reviewed (several times a day) by Facilities personnel.  Upon acceptance, a work order is created. The work order is then prioritized and assigned to a shop/department.  Both work requests and work orders are tracked in our software system in order to generate reports for Facilities Management decision making. 

How do I check the status of my work order?

After a work request is processed and approved, a work order will be issued and assigned to the appropriate department/shop.  Work orders will be completed on a priority basis.

Use iServiceDesk to check the status of your work request or your work order by typing the number into the Search by Number box.

How do I make a change to my request?

Be sure to include your work request #.

How do I check the cost of my work order?

View your charges by using the Chargeback Expense Report @ iServiceDesk. There are also Directions for Viewing Chargeback Reports with information on how to reconcile the amounts on your BI Report.

How do you prioritize work orders?

Level 1 = Emergency: An emergency is a situation which could injure a person or cause significant damage to a building and needs to be resolved immediately.  Call the Work Control Center at x2444.  No need to submit a work request.

Level 2 = Urgent: Urgent requests are situations affecting the flow of business, such as building temperature issues, room security, elevator malfunctions, or water/sewer issues, and need to be resolved today.

Level 3 = Routine: Routine service requests are considered a normal priority and are assigned on a first come first serve basis. You can expect them to be completed in about 3 business days, depending on higher priority work & campus events.

Level 4 = Fixed Date Repairs or requests for service that need to be completed by or on a specific date such as events and work in classrooms.

Tips to help expedite a request

If you need to submit a maintenance request, but the area does not have a specific room number (e.g. a hallway, stairway)
  • Check with your building administrator who has building schematics & can locate the official room number for the location you’re seeking.
  • You can select the room closest to that area, but be sure to include specific directions in the request so maintenance/custodial personnel are able to find the problem.
Include your WCU email address
  • Auto-generated emails regarding the status of the work are sent to the email you include on your work request. 
  • It’s a good idea to also include the email address of others effected by the work.  This can be done by separating the addresses with a “ ; “.
Include the SAP charge account number
  • If your request is not general maintenance and repair, be sure to include the appropriate SAP account number to where the work should be charged.
  • If you are unsure of whether or not the work is chargeable, please review the “Is This Work Chargeable” link on the main page after you sign into the iServiceDesk.
General Campus Key Requests
  • For lock core changes, you will need to submit a work request via the iServiceDesk.
  • With the exception of file cabinet and desk keys, all key requests need to be submitted via the official Key Request Form. You may obtain this form by contacting Public Safety at ext. 3311. Please read this form in its entirety and complete as instructed. If not, it will be returned to you for proper completion.
    • You must obtain all required signatures on this form.
    • Be sure to include a clear description of what you need and the location.
    • The appropriate 10-digit SAP account code must be included on the key request, as well.
  • All keys are chargeable to the requesting department, except for keys and/or lock cores that are damaged and need to be replaced, or the key is for a new occupant.
  • Issues with card-readers should be reported to Public Safety at ext. 3311. However, if you are unsure, please feel free to contact work control at ext. 2444.
Removing Surplus Property
  • Submit a Move Request
  • Include the following information in the description: name of item, age of item and who purchased it if known, and working condition of the item.
  • Tag it so the moving crew can easily identify the item
For more information on the Surplus Property Process, see our website @ Surplus Property - West Chester University
Information you should include on your Event work request
  • Official Event Name
  • Description of what needs to be done including when items need to be delivered/set up and when to take them down
  • If there are other persons to contact with question &/or concerns, include their name & #.
  • Tables and chairs: submit a Move Request and include quantity needed.
  • Trash cans:  submit a Move Request if your event is outside or a request for the Custodial department if your event is inside; include quantity needed.
  • Podium:  submit a Move Request. 
  • Tents and staging: submit a Maintenance Request. 
  • Shop standby service: submit a Maintenance Request and specify the shop needed. 
  • If your event is chargeable, you must include the charge account number.
  • Submit a separate request for each task that needs to be done.
When submitting a work request to Moving Services
  • Submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Specify both a delivery & a pick-up date for table & chair usage (if there are more than 4 work days between your events, the tables & chairs may need to be picked up between events because another department may need them)
  • Keep in mind that residence hall move-in needs are priority for the start of the fall semester

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