How to Request Support

The Academic & Enterprise Systems team is eager to support your request. We provide support for the following products: myWCU, OnBase, and Navigate. 

AES's rollout of ServiceNow will be incremental, we currently have support for the following services:

  • Report a Problem: When there is an issue with myWCU, OnBase or Navigate you can report a problem for resolution.
  • Request Services: To submit a request for student data, please utilize this option.
  • To monitor the incidents you've submitted, click under "My Incidents" and "My Requested Items".

How to get ready:

To help you get ready, AES has developed training and support materials. You can review the following instructional videos: 

Coming soon:

System Access Requests: This service will be coming to ServiceNow in the future. If you need to submit a System Access Request, please utilize the Security/Access SharePoint form.

Login to servicenow 

Issue Service Request

The Issue/Service Request form  is used to report an issue with a system or function within a system. Utilize this when something that was working breaks or malfunctions. 

Security/Access Request

The Security/Access form  can be used to request access to any WCU system for a new employee joining the team, and to request additional access for current team members.

Data Request (report/query)

Need a report or query built? Utilize the Data Request form.

Student Data Request (report/query)

Academic & Enterprise Systems aims to provide clear paths for campus community members to request and receive data to support reporting, operational, or communication goals.

Part of the University’s data management process includes compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and ensuring best practice in the utilization and storage of student data.

The Student Data Request form is for WCUPA faculty and staff to request data. In order to ensure compliance with university policy, the request process includes questions about the purpose of the data request and where/how the data will be used. The data request form is only for those individuals who are requesting data to fulfill their professional responsibilities at the institution or for those academic researchers. If you are an academic researcher wishing to obtain student data, please indicated if you have an approved IRB application or if you require a letter of support as part of your IRB application.  Please see the Institutional Review Board (IRB) website for additional information. 

What information will be required on the Student Data Request form?

  • Requester's Name
  • Requester's Email
  • Requester's Phone Number
  • Requester's Office Name
  • System (myWCU)
  • Student Data (Yes, No)
  • Reason for the request
    • Operational Requirement: data set or query is needed to meet operational needs.
    • Communication Campaign: a list of students and their contact information is needed for an email, phone, test, mailing, or other communications.
    • Institutional Evaluation/Assessment: data to compute metrics/performance indicators to support university strategic planning and decision-making, college/departmental planning, and program review.
    • Survey: a student population is needed to complete a survey.
      • Internal Survey
      • External Survey
    • Academic Research
  • If reason for request is Academic Research. Please choose:
    • I have an approved IRB application
    • My IRB application is in Process
    • I need a letter of support from AES
  • Description/Purpose
  • Data Selection Criteria (enrolled students)
  • Data Prompts
  • Output Fields
  • Data Access (who will see and have access to the data)
  • Data Disposal (how will data be destroyed at the completion of the project?)
  • Due Date (when data is required)
  • Data Storage
    • Downloadable Electronic Portal
    • Electronic Transfer
    • Flash drive/hard drive
    • Paper
    • View only Electronic Portal
    • WCU server (OneDrive)
  • Data Shared Outside of WCU (Yes, No)
  • Reoccurring Data Request (Yes, No)

When will my Student Data Request be ready?

While we try to fulfill requests within 10 business days, or by the requested date, the amount of time will vary depending on the time of the year and the complexity of the request, and on the need for follow-up questions. To better facilitate a timely response:

  • Be as specific as possible about the population for which you're requesting information (e.g. "all active undergraduate students pursuing Accounting degree as a primary major during the current term")
  • Include the type of data you need, such as name (primary or legal), email address (home and/or WCU), primary and secondary majors, admit term, etc.
  • Be as clear as possible about the manner in which the data will be used.

FERPA Training

Please note, prior to receiving the data you will need to have completed your FERPA training course in D2L as well as completed the University Confidentiality form.

Unauthorized disclosure/loss of student data

Any incidents surrounding the unauthorized disclosure or loss of student data must be reported to the University Registrar .

Please use the Student Data Incident Form to report an incident.

Institutional Research

Some information about general enrollment or demographic reports are publicly available. Please see if the information you are needing is available on the Office of Institutional Research website.


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General Question/Not sure what I need

Have a question about how something works? Need assistance, but aren't sure what kind? You can email us at

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