Academic & Enterprise Systems is compromised of three teams that support the University; Business and Project Management, Application Development, and Senior Designers.

Meet your Academic & Enterprise Systems Team

Megan Jerabek

Senior Associate Vice President & University Registrar
Contact Megan at; 610-436-2205

Camille Sharpler
Administrative Assistant
Contact Camille at; 610-436-2449

Business and Project Management

Karissa Zerr, Senior Business Analyst

Tiffany Marsilio, Project Manager

Lesley Reiter, Technical Generalist

Matthew Bilko, Associate Registrar for Systems

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Application Development

Vacant, Executive Director

Derek Cohenour, Assistant Director

Jenna Krier, Manager of OnBase Systems

Michael Hyjurick, OnBase Coordinator

Teresa Dempsey, Developer

Shereen Majeeth, Developer

Pat Lenzi, Developer

Damian Owen, Developer

David Thiel, Security Administrator

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Senior Designers

Danielle Zimmerman, Solutions Architect

Edward Fingland, System Architect

Josh Rodriguez-Soto, Developer

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