Dropping Classes

Students may drop classes from their schedule through the course withdrawal deadline.  If the course is dropped prior to the end of the Add/Drop deadline for the session, the class will be removed from the student record.  If the course is dropped after the end of the Add/Drop deadline, but prior to the Course Withdrawal deadline for the semester, the student will be issued a non-punitive grade of “W”.  Individual courses are not permitted to be dropped after the Course Withdrawal deadline. 

CAUTION!  If you are a full-time student (attempted 12+ credits) and this course drop/withdrawal will cause you to fall below 12 credits, there could be negative consequences with financial aid and housing.  We recommend that you receive counseling from those offices prior to completing this transaction in myWCU.

Tile Navigation: Classes > Drop Classes

Dropping classes

  • You may need to select the term in which you want to drop classes then click Continue


  1. Check off the class(es) you want to remove and click on Drop Selected Classes

 Dropping classes

2. Click on Drop Selected Classes

Drop Selected Class

3. A warning message will appear. If you are not swapping this course with another, click on OK

Dropping Classes

4. On the Confirm your selection page, click on Finish Dropping

Dropping Classes

5. You will see a red “X” or a green “check mark” next to the class(es)

    • A red “X” means that the course could not be dropped, along with an explanation.
    • A green “check mark” means you have successful dropped the course from your schedule.

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