Chairperson - Non-Advisee Scheduling Flag Release

The Chairperson of a department can release scheduling flags for students who are not one of their advisees. This is particularly useful during the summer when the chairperson covers the advising role for their faculty.

Tile navigation: Student Records>Advising>View Students by Department

  1. Click on the Student Records tile Chairperson Non Advisee Flag 1 then the Advising tile
    Chairperson Non Advisee Flag 2
  2. From the menu, click on View Students by Departments.
    Chairperson Non Advisee Flag 3
  3. To release a scheduling flag for another advisor’s student, enter the advisor in the Advisor box, enter the term, and click on the circle to the left of Students with Scheduling Hold. Click the Get List of Students button.
    Chairperson Non Advisee Flag 4
  4. From the list, a student or all students from list can be selected and notified that a scheduling appointment is necessary. Or if a scheduling appointment has been completed, the Allow Scheduling box can be released by clicking on it.
    Chairperson Non Advisee Flag 5

Content Manager: Academic Enterprise Systems