EAB Navigate Student Quick Start Guide

Guidance for Setting Up Your App to Serve Your Needs and Preferences

Follow these steps to start using the Navigate app today!

Log In to Navigate Two Ways

  1. Download the Navigate Student app from your device’s app store.
    Search for your institution's name in the dropdown menu. Use your institution's login credentials to log in.
  2. Access your institution's site online: www.wcupa.edu/Navigate
    Use Chrome or Firefox browser for best results. Use your institution’s login credentials to log in.

Trouble logging in? Email Navigate@wcupa.edu for help resolving your issues!

Complete the Intake Survey

The first step to setting up your app is completing the intake survey. Tell us about yourself! Answers you provide are used to create tailored app content. You cannot access core platform features without completing the survey. After you’ve completed the survey, use the following pages in this guide to set up other features.


See important tasks and check them off as you complete them. Check to-dos regularly to stay on track.


See a list of key dates and deadlines on the To-Dos page. Add events to your personal calendar for more info.

Student Quick Start Guide 1

Join Study Buddies

Identify classmates who are interested in group study and access their contact information directly in the app.

  1. Opt-in to Study Buddies for the courses you would like help in.
  2. Once other students have opted into Study Buddies, select the names of the students you want to contact.

You will be directed to email these students.

Student Quick Start Guide 2

My Docs

Here you can see Appointment Summary reports, and Notes that have been shared with you by your Success Team. You can see reports that you have permission to see.

Student Quick Start Guide 3


See a list of important services and locations on campus. The People tab shows a list of your assigned staff, e.g., advisors and instructors. Click the heart icon to favorite a resource. You can find your favorites in Settings > Favorites.

Student Quick Start Guide 4

View Your Class Schedule

See your course schedule at a glance or get additional details such as meeting time, location or instructor.

Student Quick Start Guide 5


See messages from staff and faculty. Opt-in to email notifications to receive a copy of your messages.

Student Quick Start Guide 6