Graduate Student Intake Survey Questions

The Navigate Intake Survey is designed to solicit information from students regarding what their goals and expectations are for their time at WCU and to help us target where students would benefit from additional resources. The intake survey will be launched each semester to any student who downloads the EAB Navigate mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App store. 

The Intake Survey has four questions. Students will choose one or more answers from a dropdown within each question.

The questions are:

  1. Are you a Graduate or Undergraduate Student?
  2. I am...
  3. My academic goals include...
  4. I would appreciate support for the following...

The students will have the opportunity to check off as many comments they feel apply to them and submit their choices.

Below is a view of the Intake Survey questions:

Question #1 

Graduate Intake Question 1

Question #2 

Graduate Intake Question 2

Question #3

Graduate Intake Question 3

Question #4

Graduate Intake Question 4

Intake Surveys will be sent to students at the beginning of each semester.

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