Sending Students an Email via Navigate

From Navigate, Instructional Faculty, Staff, and Advisors can send email messages to students.

Navigation: Quick Search Bar>student name/id>task box (message student)

There are several advantages to emailing students via Navigate instead of outlook:

  • Navigate emails are saved to the student profile, allowing you to see a summary of all communications.
  • Students see the emails in both their outlook as well as via the Navigate.
  • If students have push notifications enabled via the Navigate app, they will receive an alert regarding the email.
  • Others in your care unit will also be able to see the communication.

How it works

  • When students receive the email, it looks like it is coming from the senders WCU email (will come from your email address)
  • When students reply to the email it goes to the sender’s outlook inbox, so senders don’t need to monitor multiple inboxes.

How to send emails

  1. Navigate to the student’s profile. You can do this by utilizing the quick search bar on the top and enter the student’s name or ID.
  2. Go to the “I want to…” box on the right-hand side, and click on “Message Student”
    Texts Screenshots
  3. In the Send E-mail tab, you can write the email subject, message text, attach documents, and copy other individuals.
    EMail screenshot