To-Dos in Navigate

What: To-Dos are reminders that prompt future action regarding a particular item. To-Dos can be used to track the next steps or follow up on information. 

Where: Students can add To-Dos for themselves via the Add a To-Do link on the student’s homepage page or from the app on their phone and can view their To-Dos on the To-Dos and Events page. Staff can also add a To-Do to a student’s profile.

Who: Students and staff can easily create and view To-Dos/Events.

Feature Overview

Navigate can be viewed either by computer access or by downloading the phone app and viewing Navigate on your phone.

When a student opens the To-Dos and Events page, the To-Dos and Events list appears. Students find information on mandatory items to complete today and in the near future, as well as optional items to complete. 

View from WCUPA.NAVIGATE.EAB.COM (Computer)

Click on the To-Dos and Events Icon to access the To-Do and Events page on your computer.

To-do screenshot

A new page opens, which reveals the current To-Dos in Navigate.

To do screenshot account

Instructors, advisers, staff, or students can add to-dos.

To-Dos are reminders that you or others place on your account to help you stay on task and review deadlines.

To-Dos are closed manually.

A student can navigate back to the Explore Tab by clicking the Back button.

View from the Phone Student App.

After you download Navigate to your phone, you will have access to the many features of Navigate at your fingertips.

Screenshot placement
Click on the To-Dos button to access your To-Dos and Events.

Item screenshot

Add a Personal To-do

  1. Give your Personal To-Do a title.
  2. Check off all day.
  3. Give your To-Do a deadline.
  4. Add additional notes.
  5. Click Save Personal To-Do.

Account screenshot