How to Login to Navigate Desktop

There are two ways to access Navigate.

  1. Go to MyWCU and click on the Navigate tile
    Login to Navigate Desktop 1
  2. Open the Chrome browser and type in the URL address field.
    Sign in with your WCU username and password
    Login to Navigate Desktop 2
    Once logged in – you will land on your homepage.
    Login to Navigate Desktop 3
    Left Navigation: What you see in Navigate is determined by your roles and permissions
    Explore your left navigation icons to access different features in Navigate.
    Home: The landing page.
    Instructional Faculty: Courses, Student in My Courses, My Issued Alerts
    Staff: Students, Appointments, My Availability, Appointment Queue
    Dashboard: Beta version of a new layout
    Conversations: Area where your messages are archived
    Reports: Click here to access available reports in Navigate.
    Login to Navigate Desktop 4
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