Mid-Term Attendance Requirement

Due to Covid-19 and the move to remote instruction, mid-term attendance information has increased importance.

  • The department of education requires us to confirm attendance at the multiple points throughout the semester.
  • Because we are unable to determine the impact of the pandemic on our faculty and their ability to continue teaching their courses, we are instituting emergency directives to record midterm grades and indicate if two graded assessments have been completed.
  • Finally, we have added an opportunity for faculty to indicate if students may benefit from outreach regarding their adjustment to alternative learning modalities. This indicator will trigger additional outreach.

Tile navigation: On your Faculty homepage, click the Student Alert & Attendance Tile

Alert Attendance Tile

  • View information about the student alert option and attendance requirement and a list of your available rosters.
    • Courses will only display between the course start & end date. .

alert attendance info

  • Select from the list of available courses.

Attendance Requirement 

  • Note the attendance due date: the Attendance Requirement fields must be completed and saved by 11:59 pm on the due date. 
  • Faculty must indicate if students have had a minimum of 2 graded assessments towards their mid-term grade.
    • To record “No” as your answer, you must click the response area twice.

midterm attendance due date

  • Faculty must indicate if students are in good attendance by selecting Yes or No from the drop down. 
    • If the student is not in good attendance, a last date of attendance must be provided. 
  • A specific mid-term grade must be provided for all students.
    • Mid-term grades are now required for all students, regardless of their attendance status. Select the student’s current letter grade from the mid-term grade dropdown.

mid term attendance roster

Optional Academic Alerts 

  • Faculty may also note success concerns they have for a student and if they believe a student would benefit from some additional outreach from the student success team. 
    • Mark the last column with a yes for the student to receive personalized outreach from the student success team. 

 Helpful hints: 

  • Use the scroll within the attendance roster to complete attendance for all students.
  • Expand your view of the page by hiding the class details and/or by hiding the menu on the left side of the screen. 

mid term attendance hints

  • Use the Sort feature to re-order your attendance roster by Student ID (Empl ID) or Last Name, etc. 

sort feature

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