Mid-Term Attendance Requirement

Faculty are required to record student attendance at various points throughout the semester, including around the mid-point of the term, as required by the department of education. 

  • The attendance fields are required and include: indicating whether or not the student is in good attendance, and providing the last date of attendance for students NOT in good attendance, and the mid-term grade for each student. 
  • To help support students, we have added an additional optional field to the rosters that allow faculty to indicate if a student would benefit from some additional outreach from the student success team to offer academic development skills, or access to resources.  

Tile navigation: On your Faculty homepage, click the Student Alert & Attendance Tile

Alert Attendance Tile

  • View information about the student alert option and attendance requirement and a list of your available rosters.
    • Courses will only display between the course start & end date. .

alert attendance info

  • Select from the list of available courses.

Attendance Requirement 

  • Note the attendance due date: the Attendance Requirement fields must be completed and submitted by 11:59 pm on the due date. 
  • Faculty must indicate if students have had a minimum of 2 graded assessments towards their mid-term grade.
    • To record “No” as your answer, you must click the response area twice.

midterm attendance due date

  • Faculty must indicate if students are in good attendance by selecting Yes or No from the drop down. 
    • If the student is not in good attendance, a last date of attendance must be provided. 
  • A specific mid-term grade must be provided for all students.
    • Mid-term grades are now required for all students, regardless of their attendance status. Select the student’s current letter grade from the mid-term grade dropdown.
  • Once attendance has been entered for all students, click submit (located on the bottom right). 

mid term attendance roster

Optional Academic Alerts 

  • Faculty may also note success concerns they have for a student and if they believe a student would benefit from some additional outreach from the student success team. 

 Helpful hints: 

  • Use the scroll within the attendance roster to complete attendance for all students.
  • Expand your view of the page by hiding the class details and/or by hiding the menu on the left side of the screen. 

helpful hints

  • To sort the roster, click on the up-down arrows located under the number of rows. 

Click arrows to sort.

  • Select your sort preference from the dropdown. 

Select your sort preference from the list.

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