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Because West Chester University seeks to be a leader in local, regional, and global sustainability efforts, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs has collaborated with the Office of Sustainability to create a special designation for those Research and Creative Activity Day projects that perpetuate the health and welfare of people, economies, and the environment. Thus, all abstracts identified with the Brandywine B reveal the many ways that West Chester University faculty and students are helping to design, implement, evaluate, and improve a variety of environmental, social, and economic sustainability activities.

The College of the Sciences and Mathematics

Anthropology & Sociology

Taylor Carroll:

  • Women in Law


Catherine Byrnes:

  • Identifying Novel Triggers of The Intracellular Pathogen Response (IPR) In C. Elegans

Barbara Chen:

  • Effects of Individual Orsay Virus Proteins on The Intracellular Pathogen Response of C. Elegans

Olivia Cunningham:

  • The Effects of a Regular Yoga Practice on Psychophysiological Measures in College Students


James Wheeler:

  • A Suzuki Coupling Reaction for The Che232 Lab
Sustainability Approved


Ethan Braglio:

  • American Public Opinion on Abortion Policy: The Primacy of Moderation and Compromise

Cem Ekinci:

  • Infinite Sets of Solutions and Almost Solutions of The Equation N.M=Reversal (N.M)

Reyhaneh Akbar Nejad Yazdi:

  • Relationship of Obesity and Cancer Among the NHANES Participants

Political Science

Duncan Espenshade:

  • Democratization Potential in The Middle East Post-Arab Spring
Sustainability Approved


Rosa L. Boniface, Jenna Cummings, Dylan Lisnow, Seth Krier:

  • Methodological Proposal of a 2Gen Framework to Treating Trauma for Mothers with Substance-Use and their Children

Samuel Colligan, Monique Jervier:

  • Review: Empirical Studies on The Medicinal Effects of Psilocybin

Emily Feldman, Cassidy Tennity:

  • A Needs Assessment of The Local LGBTQ+ Youth Community

Elizabeth Gillooly, John Walsh, Julianne Duko, McKenzie Mangan, Michaella Reilly

  • A Needs Assessment of The Local LGBTQ+ Youth Community: Fraternity and Sorority Affiliation: Risk Factors for Cannabis, Alcohol, and E-Cigarette Use

Caroline Guzi, Kathleen Moser, Shelby Kreglow:

  • Proposal for A Measure of Feminist Identity in Men
Sustainability Approved

Emily Hershorin, Emily Marks:

  • School Mindfulness Project

Lexi Kearns, Veronica Middleton, Tyler Healy, Sarah Herold, Mikaela Armao, Robert Ruark:

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES), Traumatic Stress and Drug-Alcohol Use Among College Students

Jacqueline Magnarelli:

  • Ageism in The Workplace
Sustainability Approved

Cassidy Tennity:

  • Feasibility & Effectiveness of A Brief Motivational Intervention for Justice-Involved Youth

Cassidy Tennity:

  • Prevalence and Correlates of Trauma Exposure in Justice-Involved Adolescents

Dominique McQuade:

  • Music Education Program Linked to Social-Emotional Advantage for Students Facing Economic Hardship

Amelia Oberholtzer:

  • Music Program Associated with Self-Regulatory Advantage for Young Children Facing Economic Hardship
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