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Our Mission

It is the mission of the West Chester University Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) to facilitate, coordinate, and safeguard the institution’s research and creative activity enterprise. We enhance the university’s ability to be an educational and cultural resource for students, alumni, and citizens of southeastern Pennsylvania by providing faculty with:

  • Information on funding opportunities from federal, state, and private‐sector sponsors.
  • Proposal development support.
  • Introduction to post-award policies and procedures.
  • Incentives to form interdisciplinary teams.
  • Incentives to develop intellectual property.
  • Incentives to integrate research and creative activity into coursework.

We also promote undergraduate research and creative activity by facilitating faculty/student collaborations, organizing Research and Creative Activity Day, and managing awards for student work.

Who We Are

Dr. Cheryl Neale-McFall
Associate Provost for Research and Creative Activity (Interim)
(610) 436-3557

Holly Jackson
Administrative Assistant
(610) 436-3592


Catherine Spaur
Grants Development Specialist
(610) 436‐3060
Supports Colleges of Arts & Humanities, Business & Public Management, and Education & Social Work

Cara Williams
Grants Development Specialist
(610) 436-3064



Patricia Dixon
Graduate Research Assistant


Leah Siwinski
Graduate Research Assistant


Padmaja Charya
Graduate Research Assistant


What We Do

  • Provide resources and assistance for grant proposal development.
  • Manage and monitor research and creative activity compliance.
  • Support the formation of faculty interdisciplinary teams.
  • Support the development of intellectual property.
  • Support the integration of research and creative activity into coursework.
  • Support faculty/student research collaboration.




Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI) at West Chester University



All enrolled students were asked to participate in an Experiential Learning Survey & were asked the question:

Looking back, what was the highlight of your experiential learning – what impacted you the most?

Experiential Learning Survey

Here are some of their answers:

“Having a close relationship with faculty that allowed me to learn firsthand how to conduct research at the graduate level.”

“I believe engaging in research with my professor help shaped who I am. They have pushed me past my boundaries to make me stronger in my field. From that experience, I feel like I have created a direct career goal and passion.”

“Research impacted me the most. I have mentors and peers who share the same interests and bringing academia to life was a life-changing opportunity.”


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