Dual Language Certification

There are two routes by which one can earn dual language certification within the Department of Languages and Cultures.

  1. Traditional Route: The student completes the requirements for a double major in two of the following languages: French, German, Spanish, and Russian. Upon successfully completing LAN 401/503, the immediate prerequisite to EDS 411/412 (World Languages Student Teaching Internship & Practicum), the student is given a split-placement student teaching assignment; the student teaches 7 ½ weeks of one foreign language and 7 ½ weeks of the second foreign language. Upon successfully completing all requirements for certification, the student will earn two teaching certifications, one for each language.
  2. Non-Traditional Route: The student completes the requirements for the BALC w/ Certification in French, German, Spanish or Russian only. While still a student at WCU, the student takes the ACTFL/LTI OPI and WPT exam in the second foreign language and earns a score of Intermediate High or higher (students of Latin would take the Praxis in Latin). Upon earning his/her certification in the first foreign language, and after graduation, the student initiates his/her application for the second foreign language certification with the PA Department of Education. The non-traditional route is recommended for the following students:
    • All certification students who are seeking a minor in a foreign language (e.g. Spanish, French, German, Classics, and Russian) or in a language in which we do not directly certify (e.g. Italian, Latin). The student need not necessarily be seeking his first certification with the Department of Languages and Cultures. The student may be, for example, a student of math, history, etc.
    • Because no additional coursework is officially required by PDE, native speakers of languages in which the Department of Languages and Cultures does not offer direct certification (e.g. Italian, Portuguese, etc.), but who are seeking a certification in one of the four languages (French, German, Russian, and Spanish) in which certification is possible, are strongly encouraged to take the ACTFL/LTI OPI and WPT in their native language as well as in the language in which they are seeking certification.

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More information regarding Certification at WCU.

If you have any questions regarding either one of these two routes to dual certification, please contact Dr. Keith Corbitt Supervisor of World Language Instruction.

For more information on applying for certification, please consult the College of Education web site.