Undergraduate Minors

We offer an exciting array of minors in languages here at West Chester, including Arabic, ASL, Chinese, Classics, Deaf Studies, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. We also offer interdisciplinary minors in Linguistics and in Latin American and Latino/a Studies, and Russian Studies.

Language Minors

In order to complete a minor in any of the languages offered:

a student needs to complete 18 credit hours (generally, 6 courses) in that language or area at WCU.
At least 50 percent of minor course work must be taken at West Chester (you can transfer only up to 50 per cent of coursework towards the minor).
In each of the first two courses you pursue to fulfill the minor (ordinarily 101 and 102),* a minimum grade of B is required. A minimum grade of C is required in courses beyond the 102 level.
* N.B. Students do not need to start the minor in (language) 101 or 102. Students can start the minor at any level, and they can be placed initially at a higher level according to current language proficiency by the student. We also encourage you to consult with an advisor about the option to complete a major in the language.

We feel strongly that a minor in a language will make a major difference in a student's future career. Since the language major includes four semesters of a second language as a requirement, a student can complete a minor in that language with the addition of a couple courses, as long as it adds up to six courses in all. Our advanced minors study side by side with the majors and participate in the language program activities, including study abroad.

Interdisciplinary Minors

For specific requirements about these minors (Linguistics, and Latin American and Latino/a Studies) check their websites below and contact the program directors.

Language Minor Contact Information

Please contact the appropriate Faculty for each minor