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How to Apply

Admission Requirements

In order to qualify to apply for the MA program in Languages and Cultures and/or the Graduate Teaching Certification in French, German, or Spanish, you must have:

  1. Near native-level fluency in French, German, or Spanish (or the equivalent of Advanced-Low ACTFL proficiency level in OPI and WPT exams)
  2. An undergraduate major in a language or related field.
    • Applicants not in possession of an undergraduate degree in the language may be asked to complete the requirements of the BA (in French, German, or Spanish) or may be recommended for admission based on previous linguistic and cultural proficiency
  3. A 2.8 minimum GPA in collegiate coursework 

You may take up to three (3) graduate courses as a nondegree student while you put together your application for the MA or Graduate Certification in French, German, or Spanish, and the courses will count for your graduate degree once you are admitted.

BA students currently in our language majors at West Chester University should consider applying to our Accelerated BA to MA program for preadmission in our MA program.

For information on Tuition and Fees, please consult the Bursar's Office.

Application Procedure

A complete application to the Master of Arts in Languages and Cultures program or the Teaching Certification in French, German, or Spanish (or both) consists of the following:

  1. Online application at
    • You may apply for a Graduate Assistantship in the form (check "yes" or "no")
  2. Official transcripts for an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year institution in your language of study or related field, and official transcripts from every higher education institution attended
    • Applicants must have minimum GPA of 2.8 in collegiate coursework 
    • Applicants with a degree in another field may be recommended for admission based on previous linguistic and cultural proficiency 
  3. Goals statement in the target language
    • A brief one-page essay in your language of study: French, German, or Spanish (not in English)
    • Include your prior background in the language, any relevant cultural or linguistic experience, your current position, and your career goals
  4. Two letters of recommendation (may be academic or professional)
  5. TOEFL scores (only required for non-native speakers of English)

The application fee of $50 can be waived if you attend one of our Graduate School events posted here: