Undergraduate Advising Information

Students and Faculty can refer to the WCUPA Advising page for general information.

The following advising sheets can be found in the Undergraduate Student Handbook under the Undergraduate Tab to the left. Please, consult the Handbook and your advisor often for program requirements and courses you need to take.

General Education Courses

"Designations for General Education courses for students admitted into the university prior to Fall 2014 are those that each course had when the student was first admitted into the university. For students admitted starting Fall 2014 and thereafter, only those General Education courses that are designated in the current catalog as having a given designation will count towards that designation. For information on approved General Education courses, please refer to the undergraduate catalog.

Bachelor of Arts in Languages and Cultures (BALC)



B.A. in Languages and Cultures B.A. in Languages and Cultures with Elective Certification
B.A. French Track B.A. French Track with Elective Certification
B.A. German Track B.A. German Track with Elective Certification
B.A. Russian Track B.A. Russian Track with Elective Certification
B.A. Spanish Track B.A. Spanish Track with Elective Certification



The following courses do not count towards the language majors: FRE 199, GER 199, RUS 199, SPA 199 (i.e. transferred courses from a community college or study abroad as 199); EFR, EGE, ERU, ESP: There courses are taught in English, and do not count for the language major, although they might fulfill other Gen Ed requirements (i.e. Writing Emphasis, Interdisciplinary, etc...) or be taken as Electives.

If you would like to add the Teaching Certification to your curriculum, please complete the Teacher Certification Form  and bring it to the Department.

(Last updated: April 24, 2024)