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Academic Advising


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Academic Advising

Students can find their advisor contact information on the homepage of their myWCU account.

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Are You Here To…

  • Learn how to add a comment to a student record?

    Advisor comments are being replaced by the easier and more robust MyWCU Advising Notes, which will add an advisor's notes to a student's permanent MyWCU record. See instructions for use on the Faculty menu of the UPK Tutorial page.

  • Find your advisees' Degree Progress Reports?

    In your myWCU account

    • Use the drop-down menu under "Faculty Quick Links" and click "View My Advisees"
    • Click on "View Student Details"
    • Click on Degree Progress Report
  • Learn what you and your advisees should discuss at an advising meeting?

    Suggested topics of discussion are listed on the Tips for Advisors page.

  • Learn how you can help students avoid common mistakes?

    The most common problems are not achieving 120 credits and not taking classes in the proper sequence. View our Tips for Advisors to learn more.

  • Know what is expected of you as an advisor?

    Good advising is a shared responsibility in which advisors and advisees collaborate to help students achieve their aims. Learn more about your responsibilities in this process.

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of the week

  • I didn’t get to register for fall classes. What should I do?

    Contact your advisor first, to see if they are available to consult with you. They will need to lift the advising hold after discussing your plans for the fall. If your advisor is not available, contact the chair of your major department or the Academic Coordinator for your College. You can find those listed at the top of this page under "Find out who your advisor is".

  • I didn’t pass a class. What should I do?

    • Take action to set yourself on a new path to success! For example, will you get tutoring (speak to people at the LARC or Writing Center). Will you work on time management? Will you make sure you go to every class? Will you seek help from the teacher during office hours?
    • As you know, this will affect your GPA. If your GPA falls below a 2.0, you will be placed on Academic Probation and will need to file an Academic Recovery Plan, which helps you chart a course for success. A low grade may also affect certain types of financial aid, as well as NCAA eligibility for student athletes.
    • • If this class is required or if you need to raise your GPA, you may need to repeat it, so start looking for a seat in fall sections of the course right away – getting a seat may be difficult. Review the WCU repeat policy.
    • You may not repeat this course at another institution: you must repeat it at WCU.
    • Remember that “NGs” – “no grades” – must be resolved by the end of the 9th week of the fall semester.
  • I’ve graduated. Now what??

    Time to use WCU’s resources to help you start your career! The Career Development Center's career management system, Ram Career Network, lets you search jobs and internships using keywords and industries of interest. Searching that database can provide some insight from employers who are actively seeking to hire WCU graduates. Career center staff can also point you to other resources and strategies to find jobs related to your academic interests. If you are interested in graduate school, touch base with your advisor or a professor in the field: they will be your best source of types of degrees, careers related to those degrees, and ways to prepare while you’re still an undergrad. The Career Center’s services are available to all WCU alumni.

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