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Languages and Cultures

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Dr. Cristóbal Cardemil-Krause
Acting Chair July 2018-June 2019

MALC Programs

Our M.A. programs in Languages and Cultures in French, German, or Spanish (with optional Pennsylvania K-12 Teacher Certification), allow students to develop their language and critical cultural skills in a variety of ways. While preparing for a wide array of exciting career opportunities, students can participate in a vibrant community-centered intellectual environment. Our 33-credit program is designed to develop linguistic and analytical skills to the highest levels of proficiency by participating in small seminars and granting plentiful opportunities for collaboration with faculty. Courses can be completed over the regular semester and in the summer, in a variety of formats: face-to-face, online, and hybrid.

Our faculty cover a vast array of areas: language pedagogy, language change and sociolinguistics, literary analysis, comparative cultural studies, gender studies, film and media studies, etc. Our collaboration with Millersville University allows for greater flexibility in course offerings than other, more traditional programs.

MA in Languages and Cultures Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Iliana Pagán-Teitelbaum
Mitchell Hall 127 | 610-430-3216 |

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For advising regarding courses, you can consult the specific language coordinators.

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Apply Now Graduate Certification FAQ MALC Exit Requirements

Description of Requirements in M.A. in Languages and Cultures

The M.A. in Languages and Cultures (33 credits)

Our offered jointly by the Departments of Languages and Cultures at West Chester University and the Department of Language and Culture Studies at Millersville University.

Projected Course Offerings

See the attached document for projected course offerings in the upcoming years.

Enrolling in courses:
Contact our graduate advisors for information about enrolling or enroll through the Graduate School: 610-436-2943.

Students can take courses at both universities in consultation with their graduate advisor and the Graduate Coordinator. Credits transfer automatically.

1. Core Courses (9 credits)
Three online seminars taught in English that focus on the development of a strong background in linguistic, literary and cultural theory:

  • LNC 501 Linguistic Studies
  • LNC 502 Interpretive Strategies
  • LNC 503 Comparative Cultural Studies

2. General Curriculum (12 credits)
Select two courses from the communications area and two courses from the culture area, in the language of your program (French, German, or Spanish).

3. The Elective Credits (12 credits)
Complete additional coursework in your target language. You may use up to 6 credits of electives in a different language, including state mandated courses in graduate certification, M.A. TESOL/ESL certification, business, internships, or study abroad. .*There are study abroad opportunities and 3-9 credit internship options.

4. Exit Requirement Options:

Presentation of research portfolio (3 research papers from your courses), presentation of 1 original research paper (25 pages), or a comprehensive exit exam.

Student Opportunities

  • Graduate internships
  • Graduate assistantships (competitive, GA positions provide tuition waiver for 3-12 credits per semester and a gradute stipend, in exchange for 5-20 hours per week with the department and graduate faculty).
  • Study abroad (gain credit for pre-approved study abroad coursework)
  • Faculty-student research
  • Language proficiency certification (OPI/WPT testing)
  • Interface with our TESOL programs (M.A.-TESOL and ESL teaching certificate) or our Teacher Education program (up to 6 credits from these programs can be applied towards M.A. elective credits in French, German, Spanish.)

Completion timeframe: With six sessions a year (Spring, Summer 1, Summer 2, Post-Summer, Fall, and Winter), you may be able to complete a degree in two years, or if you need more time, we will give you up to five years to complete your graduate degree. Our students include both part-time and full-time candidates. You may start in the fall, take several courses a semester and obtain your MALC degree the following year. If you start in January, and include the Winter and the two Summer sessions, you may finish by the end of the calendar year.

Transfer courses: Students may transfer in up to 9 credits from another graduate program toward your degree, provided those credits are not part of a completed degree. We also encourage cultural and language immersion study as part of your graduate experience.

Internships: We offer graduate internships in French, German or Spanish (LAN 525) from 3 to 12 credits, as an elective option.

Careers: Our program graduates pursue many careers using French, German or Spanish, including teaching at all levels, further graduate study, law, international relations, marketing, banking, travel, and services in a wide variety of regional and national companies. The high-quality professional training and multicultural perspectives you will acquire will enrich your personal future as well.

Admission Procedures

Apply Online

In order to qualify to apply for the MA program in Languages and Cultures, with or without graduate certification you must have:

  • Near native-level fluency in French, German, or Spanish (or a combination) or Advanced-Low ACTFL proficiency level in OPI and WPT (one-semester moratorium available)
  • An undergraduate major in a language or related field. Applicants not in possession of an undergraduate degree in the language must first complete the requirements of the BA (in FRE, GER or SPA) or be otherwise recommended for admission based on previous linguistic and cultural proficiency.
  • 2.8 minimum GPA

You may also take up to three (3) graduate courses while you put together your application for the MALC or Graduate Certification in French, German, or Spanish.

Your completed application will include:

  • Cover form
  • Goals statement in the target language (one page in French, German, or Spanish) (please email this directly to Michele Auciello)
  • Official transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Request for graduate assistantship
  • Scores from TOEFL (only for non-native speakers of English)
  • Application fee ($50 as of Fall ’18)

Note that we no longer require GRE or MAT scores for admission.

Tuition and Fees:
Please consult the Bursar's website.

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