Internships (LAN 525)

The Department of Languages and Cultures offers a three, six, nine or twelve credit-hour internship to junior or senior majors and minors in languages or linguistics and to graduate students in French, German and Spanish who wish to enhance their study of a world language in communication, culture, and linguistics with an educational experience directly in the workplace, either in the United States or abroad.

Interns are expected to engage in written and oral experience in the studied language on a regular basis. Internships help students test and develop their skills of expression and communication in the world language or in English, if the internship involves the Teaching of English as a Second Language or English linguistics. Internships may be salaried, but unpaid or volunteer positions also qualify.

Students who seek to pursue this type of elective credit-bearing on-the-job experience by teaching a world language, Teaching English as a Second Language or by working for a company that conducts business in one of our languages or in areas related to English linguistics should contact their advisor to review information regarding job search, company contacts, contractual procedures and semester credit evaluation and approval. Graduate level LAN 525 internships may be arranged as the elective component of the Master of Arts in Languages and Cultures, for up to 12 credits.

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