Bachelor of Science Curriculum

Computer Science Courses

Course Number & ABET Syllabus Course Title
CSC141 | ABET Computer Science I
CSC142 | ABET Computer Science II
CSC220 | ABET Foundations of Computer Science
CSC240 | ABET Computer Science III
CSC241 | ABET Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC242 | ABET Computer Organization
CSC301 | ABET Computer Security I
CSC302 | ABET Computer Security II
CSC317 | ABET Visual Programming
CSC321 | ABET Database Management Systems
CSC331 | ABET Operating Systems
CSC335 | ABET Data Communications and Networking I
CSC336 | ABET Data Communications and Networking II
CSC345 | ABET Programming Language Concepts and Paradigms
CSC400 | ABET Internship
CSC402 | ABET Software Engineering
CSC416 | ABET Design and Construction of Compilers
CSC417 | ABET User Interfaces
CSC476 | ABET Game Development
CSC481 | ABET Artificial Intelligence
CSC490 | ABET Independent Project
CSC495 | ABET Topics in Computer Science
CSC496 | ABET Topics in Complex Systems
CSC499 | ABET Independent Study in Computer Science

Mathematics Courses

Course Number & ABET Syllabus Course Title
MAT121 | ABET Statistics I
MAT122 | ABET Statistics II
MAT151 | ABET Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MAT161 | ABET Calculus I
MAT162 | ABET Calculus II