CSC499 Syllabus

  1. Course number and name

    CSC499 – Independent Study in Computer Science

  2. Credits and contact hours

    3 Credit Hours

  3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

    Instructor: Any tenured or tenure-track Computer Science professor.

  4. Text book, title, author, and year


  5. Specific course information

    1. brief description of the content of the course (catalog description)

      In conjunction with the instructor, the student selects study topics via literature search.

    2. prerequisites or co-requisites

      Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

    3. indicate whether a required, elective, or selected elective course in the program

      Elective course.

    1. specific outcomes of instruction

      Student will develop a research paper according to a schedule worked out between the student and the instructor. The research paper is typically coordinated with the instructor's areas of expertise.

    2. explicitly indicate which of the student outcomes listed in Criterion 3 or any other outcomes are addressed by the course.

      Course addresses Student Outcomes (a), (h), (i), (j) and (m).

  6. Brief list of topics to be covered

    Depends on project. The below bullet points are from an Independent Study conducted by Dr. Richard Burns in Fall 2015:

    • The primary objective of this project is to enhance the compiler produced in CSC 416 to include an intermediate representation which will permit some of the operations discussed in class.
    • In addition, code generation will be improved to include register allocation and improved instruction selection.
    • We also wish to support the generation of Java byte-code in addition to assembly language, which will require a non-traditional IR.