MAT151 Syllabus

  1. Course number and name

    MAT151 – Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

  2. Credits and contact hours

    3 Credit Hours

  3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

    Instructor: Premalatha Junius, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

  4. Text book, title, author, and year

    Discrete Mathematics by Douglas Ensley and J. Winston Crawly, published by John Wiley & Sons, September 2005.

  5. Specific course information

    1. brief description of the content of the course (catalog description)

      Set theory, Boolean logic, elementary combinatorics, proofs, simple graph theory, and simple probability.

    2. prerequisites or co-requisites

      Prerequisite: None.

    3. indicate whether a required, elective, or selected elective course in the program

      Required course.

    1. specific outcomes of instruction Students will demonstrate:

      • Discuss definitions and diagram strategies for potential proofs in logical sequential order without mathematical symbols (plain English).
      • Construct mathematical arguments using logical connectives and quantifiers.
      • Construct proofs using direct proof, proof by contradiction, and proof by cases, or mathematical induction.
      • Solve problems using counting techniques and combinatorics.
      • Perform operations on discrete structures such as sets, functions, relations or sequences.
      • Solve problems involving recurrence relations and generating functions.
      • Construct functions and apply counting techniques on sets in the context of discrete probability.
      • Apply algorithms and use definitions to solve problems to proof statements in elementary number theory.
    2. explicitly indicate which of the student outcomes listed in Criterion 3 or any other outcomes are addressed by the course.

      Course addresses Student Outcomes (b) and (c).

  6. Brief list of topics to be covered
    • Logic and proof
    • Induction and recursion
    • Combinatorics and discrete probability
    • Functions and Relations