MAT161 Syllabus

  1. Course number and name

    MAT161 – Calculus I

  2. Credits and contact hours

    4 Credit Hours

  3. Instructor’s or course coordinator’s name

    Instructor: Rosemary Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

  4. Text book, title, author, and year

    Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 2nd Edition; by Jon Rogawski.

    Other Supplemental Materials


  5. Specific course information

    1. brief description of the content of the course (catalog description)

      Continuation of MAT 161 including the study of series, methods of integration, transcendental functions, and applications to the sciences.

    2. prerequisites or co-requisites

      Prerequisite: C or better in MAT 161.

    3. indicate whether a required, elective, or selected elective course in the program

      Selected elective course.

    1. specific outcomes of instruction Students will be able to:

      • Apply properties of the integral to solve problems involving areas between curves, volumes of revolutions, arclength and surface area
      • ompute integrals using a variety of techniques such as: integration by parts, trigonometric substitution, and partial fraction decomposition
      • Determine the convergence or divergence of infinite sequences and series
      • Calculate and manipulate Taylor series..
    2. explicitly indicate which of the student outcomes listed in Criterion 3 or any other outcomes are addressed by the course.

      Course addresses Student Outcomes (b) and (c).

  6. Brief list of topics to be covered
    • Applications of the integral (area between two curves, volumes of revolution (washers/shells), average value)
    • Numerical integration
    • Integration by parts
    • Trigonometric integrals
    • Trigonometric substitution
    • Partial fractions
    • Improper integrals
    • Arclength, surface area, sequences
    • Absolute convergence
    • Conditional convergence
    • Series tests (ratio, root, comparison, limit comparison, integral) power series