Transfer Credit Center: Credit Evaluation Process

Admission to WCU: #WCUaccepted for #WCUtransfer

  • Transfer credit evaluations are completed for students who apply to WCU.
  • After you have applied, your official transcripts will be reviewed and your courses will be evaluated.
  • Next, make sure you take all necessary steps to secure your acceptance.

The Course-By-Course Evaluation

Transfer credit evaluations are completed on a course-by-course basis. Each course on your official transcripts will be assigned an equivalency.

The Four Types of Course Equivalencies

  • Specific Course Equivalency: This is when a transfer course is equivalent to a specific course at WCU. Examples: PSY 100, BIO 100, WRT 120, etc.
  • Subject-Specific Electives: This is credit that is specific to a subject but NOT a specific course at WCU. The number 199 is paired with a specific subject to reflect this. Examples: PSY 199, BIO 199, PHI 199, etc.
  • General Transfer Equivalency: This equivalency is used when the course is not equivalent to a specific course OR subject at WCU. This equivalency is TRN 199. Please note: This course equivalency does NOT fulfill any specific degree requirements. It only counts towards the 120 credits needed to graduate.
  • Rejected Equivalency: This equivalency is used for credits that are not accepted by WCU. There are several reasons why a course would be rejected, and each reason is given a code:
    • RM = Remedial credit
    • GL = Grade Low
    • DC = Duplicate Credit

Receiving Your Evaluation

  • A course credit evaluation will be sent to you, generally within 14 days.
  • Please note that this is the only transfer credit evaluation you will receive. Additional updates can only be reviewed by accessing your myWCU account.
  • Sample Course Credit Evaluation

To have courses re-evaluated you must submit the Transfer Credit Appeal form , along with the required documentation, to the appropriate academic department. See Credit Appeals for more information.

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