Registration and Enrollment


Tips for Getting Started

  1. Check myWCU for your scheduling time and make sure you have no holds on your record that prevent you from scheduling.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the policies outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog and the Graduate Catalog
  3. Check the General Education Requirements
  4. View the Course Schedule for upcoming term registration.

Upcoming Dates


Fall 2020 Course Updates

Fall 2020 Class Search

The University recently announced plans to continue remote instruction for the Fall 2020.  This guide will give you an understanding on what each delivery format/instruction mode means and how to search classes.

How To Review and Understand Your Fall 2020 Class Schedule

The Fall 2020 term looks much different than our typical Fall semester.  Watch a short video to understand how to interpret your class schedule.

Fall 2020 Hybrid Class Selection

Some of our Fall 2020 classes will be delivered in hybrid mode, meaning that a portion of the course involves in-person engagement. Students enrolled in hybrid courses are being asked to indicate their comfort level with engaging in-person via their myWCU. Please refer to the Fall 2020 Hybrid Class Engagement Guide for additional information regarding the selection process.

How do I enroll in (ADD/DROP) classes?


  • Log-in to your myWCU account.
  • Click on the Enroll in a Class link.
    • Select the term in which you want to enroll and click on the green Continue button.
  • Identify the number of credits you plan to schedule by selecting a credit range from the drop down menu and click the green Submit button.
  • Search for classes by clicking on the green Search button.
  • Continue to search and select classes to put on your Tentative Classes list.
    • Select the class by clicking on the green Select Class button.
    • Click the green Next button to put the selected class on your Tentative Classes list.
  • Once you have classes on your Tentative Classes list and you are ready to enroll, click on the green Proceed to Step 2 of 3button.
  • On the next page, click on the green Finish Enrolling button.
  • You will see a red “X” or a green “check mark” next to each class.
      • A red “X” means you did not get into the class and there will be a message explaining why.
      • A green check means you are successfully enrolled in the class.


  • Log-in to your myWCU account.
  • Click the Enroll in a Class link, then click on the Drop tab.
  • Select the term in which you want to drop and click on the green Continue button.
  • Select the course(s) you would like to drop and click Drop Selected Classes.
  • On the next page, click on the green Finishing Dropping button.

For more information, please refer to Scheduling Classes in Your myWCU .

Is there a wait list for closed classes?

Yes. Automatic course wait lists are available for some courses. Class wait lists queue students to enroll into closed classes if seats become available, allowing for registration and schedule adjustments to be more convenient and equitable for all students.

  • Wait lists are set on select courses. Not all courses will have a wait list available.
  • The last day students are able to enroll onto a course’s wait list is the Friday before the start of classes.
  • If a spot opens up in a class, wait listed students will be moved into the course through the add/drop period.
  • If students are no longer interested in being on a wait list, it is the students' responsibility to drop the course.

Read more about waitlists and class permissions in our Scheduling section.

Why are my classes CANCELLED and what do I do?

If a student hasn't paid their student account by their due date, they are at risk of having their class schedule cancelled. Students receive several notices via their WCU email that they are at risk of cancellation. When cancelled, students are dropped from all of their semester courses.

You may need to activate your bursar account or pay your tuition bill. Contact the Office of the Bursar for all billing inquiries at 610-436-2552.

You can also visit Securing Your Aid and Paying Your Bill on the Financial Aid website for instructions and videos.

What is the difference between a TERM WITHDRAWAL and a COURSE WITHDRAWAL?

Term Withdrawal

A term withdrawal is the complete withdrawal from West Chester University for a specific term. Upon withdrawal, all courses will be given a grade of “W” for the indicated term.

NOTE: Term Withdrawal may affect your financial aid and if you have any financial obligation to the University, your academic records may be unavailable until the issue is resolved. For more information about Term Withdrawal, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Full refunds for tuition and the general fee are available only through the eighth calendar day that the University is in session. After that, tuition and the general fee are refunded according to the refund schedule.

Course Withdrawal

A course withdrawal can be done for individual courses after the drop/add period has ended. Please see our Grade and Credit Types page for information on Withdrawal "W" grades.

I am a READMISSION applicant, how do I enroll again?

Readmission applications are available for students who were previously enrolled at West Chester University as degree candidates.

If you have been inactive or not registered for classes for three (3) consecutive semesters, you may need to seek Readmission.

Please visit the Readmission of Former Degree Candidates page on the Undergraduate Admissions site for more information.

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