How Do I Request PA Residency?

To assist in the Determination of Domicile, please send the following to: West Chester University, Office of the Registrar, 25 University Avenue, West Chester, PA 19383. Allow 30 days for decision.

  • Your parents' most recently submitted Federal, State, and Local tax forms (signed and dated). This applies to all students 22 years and younger. Students over 22 must submit a copy of his/her tax returns.
  • A letter from the student explaining how their domicile has changed since their original classification. If student's domicile is tied to their parents, parents should also submit a letter of explanation explaining their change in domicile.
  • Copy of current lease or mortgage so we may verify you are residing in Pennsylvania.
  • Copy of PA driver's license/auto insurance/auto registration.
  • Proof of bank account in Pennsylvania or written explanation of why bank account is out-of-state.
  • Copy of voter registration card.
  • If you are 22 years old or younger an affidavit from you parent(s) stating facts to establish financial independence and separate residence. Affidavit MUST be notarized.
  • Residency Classification Data Collection Form must be complete, signed, and notarized. NOTE: Your completed Data Collection Form and supporting evidence of domicile must be submitted to the Registrar's Office NO LATER THAN THE END OF THE DROP/ADD PERIOD in order to be processed for that semester.
  • If you are not a U.S. Citizen, you MUST include copies of all information pertaining to your immigration status.

Determination of Domicile

"Domicile" is a legal term that is defined as the place where an individual intends to remain and live permanently or indefinitely. It is the place where a person intends to return to after any absence. A person may live in a place for temporary purposes, such as a vacation or attending college. Once the goal of the temporary purpose is accomplished, however, the person does not intend to remain in that place. Since the person's presence is only for temporary reasons, the individual cannot be considered an in-state resident for tuition purposes.

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