Current Students

Student Handbook, Forms, and Policies

  • MPH Program Student Handbook
  • WCU Graduate Catalog Academic Policies and Procedures
  • The Graduate School Forms - Contact Dr. Stacie Metz, MPH Program Director & Graduate Coordinator if you have any questions about MPH and/or WCU policies and procedures including but not limited to:
    • Registration & Enrollment (leave of absence, change degree program, change concentration, term/university withdrawal request, add a graduate certificate to current degree program, enrollment verification)
    • Transfer of Credit
    • Academic Forms & Exceptions (Petition for Exception to Policy, readmission request, Degree Candidacy Application)
    • Student Record
    • Graduation/Transcripts/Diplomas
    • Professional Development & Funding (Graduate Dean’s Professional Development Award, Employer Reimbursement, WCU Scholarship Database
    • Contact Dr. Stacie Metz for information, guidance, and support with grade appeals, violations of academic integrity, or grievances. Please see Graduate Catalog Academic Policies & Procedures for detail.

MPH Track Advising Sheets

Advising sheets for students who started Fall 2019 or later:

For advising sheets for students who started before Fall 2019, please contact Graduate Coordinator Dr. Stacie Metz

WCU Support Services

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