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The OSSD has openings for Exam Proctors! If you have availability between 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and would like to work up to 20 hours per week ($11/hour) please see the job posting and apply via Handshake.

About the OSSD Office

How do I schedule an appointment?

Students who have completed Steps 1 & 2 of the OSSD registration process will be contacted by the OSSD to schedule an intake meeting.  Students who have already registered with the OSSD and want to meet with a director should contact our office via email at ossd@wcupa.edu and indicate a reason for the appointment.  Appointments are available during office hours either on campus (one-on-one only) or remotely via Zoom or phone.      

How do I register with the OSSD to receive a Letter of Accommodation for the first time?  Follow the 3-Step Process:

Step 1:  COMPLETE THE OSSD ONLINE INTAKE FORM if you are a current WCU student (or have committed to attending WCU) and have a diagnosed disability.  If you have not been previously diagnosed with a disability, please refer to the OSSD Documentation Guidelines .  Once you submit the online Intake Form you will receive an email that includes information about the type of documentation required; all documentation must be submitted via email to ossd@wcupa.edu (scanned and submitted as a pdf or Word format; pictures/photos of documentation cannot be accepted).

Step 2:  SUBMIT APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION VIA EMAIL (pdf or Word format; pictures of documentation cannot be accepted) to OSSD@WCUPA.EDU.  Documentation will be reviewed by the OSSD to determine if it is appropriate; students will be notified if additional documentation is needed and/or if the documentation is approved. 

Step 3:  ATTEND AN INTAKE MEETING:  following approval of submitted documentation,  the OSSD will contact you to schedule a one-on-one intake meeting.  Intake meetings last for 20-30 minutes and are currently being scheduled via Zoom or in-person (when appropriate staff are on campus).




How do I RENEW my Letter of Accommodation?



Letters of Accomodation


Students who are requesting a LoA for the first time at WCU will need to register with the OSSD (click on the "How do I register...follow the 3-Step Process" link above).


 Policies & Procedures

View ADA Policy and Accommodations Appeal Procedures

OSSD ADA Handbook...coming soon!

Location & Parking

Traffic and parking are unpredictable for students, staff, faculty and visitors.  It is advisable to allow extra time (up to 30 minutes) when you have a meeting scheduled in our office.  Do not park illegally; we cannot reimburse for parking violations.  For an overview of our location, view our campus map  . 

Please refer to the WCU Parking Services webpage for up to date information.

OSSD Mindfulness Program

The OSSD Mindfulness Program was implemented in 2017. The mindfulness team works with students to incorporate healthy, mindful habits in their everyday lives through contemplative practice. The Mindfulness Program is free of charge and is open for all OSSD-registered students. There is no prior knowledge of mindfulness needed in order to participate!  During remote learning, mindfulness sessions are available remotely via Zoom!

If you are a student who is registered with the OSSD and would like more information about the OSSD Mindfulness Program, you may contact ossd@wcupa.edu.  

WCU Animals on Campus Policy

For information about WCU's Animals on Campus Policy click here .


This application is designed to help you find University resources based on various concerns. Please search for your concern, select the category associated with your concern, or check our alphabetical listing of concerns.  Start by clicking here.


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