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How do I register with the OSSD?  Follow the 3-Step Process:

Step 1:  COMPLETE THE OSSD ONLINE FORM if you are a current WCU student or have committed to attending WCU and have a diagnosed disability; if you have not been previously diagnosed with a disability, please refer to the OSSD Documentation Guidelines

Step 2:  SUBMIT APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION (once you do so, an email will be sent to your WCU email address that includes information about the type of documentation required and how it should be submitted)

Step 3:  ATTEND AN INTAKE MEETING (upon receipt of appropriate documentation,  the OSSD will contact you to schedule a one-on-one intake meeting)

Disability-Specific Documentation Requirements :

How do I renew my Letter of Accommodation?

Stop in the OSSD and add your name to the binder; your LoA will be sent to your WCU email account.  You will need to do this every semester.  We usually have the renewal binders available for the following semester during the last few weeks of each semester.


 Policies & Procedures

Location & Parking

Traffic and parking are unpredictable for students, staff, faculty and visitors.  Due to ongoing construction, it is advisable to allow extra time (up to 30 minutes) when you have a meeting scheduled in our office.  Do not park illegally; we cannot reimburse for parking violations.  For an overview of our location, view our campus map  . 

  •  Lawrence Center GPS address:  705 S. New Street, West Chester, PA  19383
  • New Street Parking Garage:  700 S. New Street, West Chester, PA  19383
    • Cross S. New Street and follow the sidewalk around the building to the main entrance (past the diner entrance)
  • Street parking (meters/kiosks) is available throughout campus


Check it out!!!

The OSSD Mindfulness Program was implemented in 2017. The mindfulness team works with students to incorporate healthy, mindful habits in their everyday lives through contemplative practice. The Mindfulness Program is free of charge and is open for all registered OSSD students. There is no prior knowledge of mindfulness needed in order to participate!

 If you are a student who is registered with the OSSD and would like more information about the OSSD Mindfulness Program, you may contact ossd@wcupa.edu.  

    • COACHING/TUTORING/MINDFULNESS/SMARTPEN SIGN-UP:  Students who are registered with the OSSD can stop in during the first week of classes to request an academic coach, math or writing tutor, mindfulness coach and/or a loaner SmartPen.  Incoming freshmen, transfer and at-risk students will be given priority.  
      • PROCTORING CENTER:  If your accommodations include using the OSSD Proctoring Center, please note that proctoring is by appointment only and you need to submit your online requests according to the guidelines posted on the Proctoring Center tab of our website.  For more information about the Proctoring Center, contact ossdpc@wcupa.edu.  
    • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS:  If you are considering WCU, you may be interested in attending a 30-minute OSSD information session.  Your attendance is required and you are welcome to bring your parent(s) and/or guardian(s).  Scheduling in advance by phone (610.436.2517) is required to attend one of the following afternoon sessions:  January 30, 2020, February 27, 2020, March 26, 2020, April 30, 2020.                  
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