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Master of Public Health

Admission Requirements

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Master of Public Health

Sturzebecker Health Science Center
855 S. New Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Name: Evan Daney
Phone: 610-436-2279

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Admission Application Process

Applications for admission to the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in the Department of Health are accepted at any time. Please

contact Evan Daney

, College of Health Sciences Graduate Recruiter for more information.

Prerequisite Courses

The MPH Program draws a variety of students representing a wide array of health and non-health related undergraduate majors. The minimum requirements for the graduate program include:

  • Undergraduate Statistics Requirement: Students who have not had an introductory course in statistics will need to complete this course before enrolling in HEA520: Public Health Epidemiology and HEA526: Biostatistics for Public Health. Students have the option of enrolling in MAT121: Introduction to Statistics, at West Chester University or enrolling in a similar course at a community college or another university. Course equivalencies at regional universities are available on the Office of the Registrar's website.
  • Statistics Competency Examination: Students have the option of completing a Statistical Competency Examination (administered by the Department of Health, under the direction of Dr. Stacie Metz). This exam is scheduled at the start of fall/spring semesters. A score of 85 or better will be accepted as a replacement for the undergraduate statistics requirement. This option should only be considered if the student has previous experience with introductory statistics through other courses that may not appear on the transcript as traditional statistics courses. If students are considering this option, please

    contact Dr. Stacie Metz

    for more information about the competency exam.

  • Students may begin the MPH Program (without the undergraduate statistics requirement) if other academic requirements are met, however students will be admitted under provisional status. To remove the provisional status and be eligible to register for HEA 520 and HEA526, proof of statistics course completion or the Statistics Competency Examination score is needed by submitting a copy of a transcript or score to the Department of Health and the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Students who complete HEA520 and HEA526 without the undergraduate statistics course will not able to obtain Degree Candidacyand will remain in provisional status. We strongly encourage students to complete this undergraduate course as soon as possible. If students do not obtain Degree Candidacy they will not be able to complete the degree.
  • Computer Literacy: All students should be computer literate and be able to access the university email system, MyWCU and Desire to Learn (D2L). Students should be proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • All students should have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 2.80.
  • Specific Requirements for the Nutrition Track/Undergraduate Preparation
    • The nutrition curriculum within the MPH Program requires specialization in nutrition and dietetics in addition to public health fundamentals. For students who apply to the program without undergraduate training in the nutrition and dietetics field, the following prerequisite undergraduate courses must be completed prior to acceptance into the nutrition concentration: "C" or better grade in an introductory nutrition course, one year of anatomy/physiology, organic and biochemistry.
  • The MPH Nutrition Track does not prepare students to become Registered Dietitians.

Prerequisite Courses

  1. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from a college or university accredited in the United States or its equivalent from a school in another country.
  2. A minimum 2.80 undergraduate GPA is required for admission. Provisional acceptance may be possible under some circumstances for applicants who do not meet this standard.
  3. The Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Education must give official acceptance. Only written notice from the Dean constitutes approval of admission, not correspondence with a department or an individual faculty member.
  4. Space must be available in the program.
  5. Requirements to resolve academic deficiencies are to be met prior to registering for graduate courses. Individual departments may have more rigorous requirements.

West Chester University's policy for graduate studies includes that the highest possible grades/test scores do not guarantee admission to graduate school, nor do low grades/test scores automatically disqualify a candidate. Our policy is that no applicant should be admitted unless we expect that applicant to do well enough to graduate and have no serious academic problems.

Note: Graduate admission decisions are made using a variety of criteria including the undergraduate grade point average, letters of reference and an applicant's goal statement. Individuals who have questions about their admissibility are encouraged to contact the Office of Graduate Studies or the MPH Program Director.

Application Requirements

The following materials are required from all applicants:

  • West Chester University has an online application process.
  • One official copy of your academic records (transcripts) from every college and university attended (except West Chester University). Each official transcript should be sent directly to you in the enclosed envelopes or your own No. 10 envelope. Make sure the envelope is marked "transcripts." The envelope should be sealed with the registrar's name signed across the seal. Do not open the transcript envelope. If the seal has been broken, the transcript is no longer official and will not be accepted.
  • A written statement of your professional goals should be inserted into the online application. Note: This statement is critically evaluated by Department of Health faculty. It should be a sample of your best professional writing and at the minimum it should include the following information:
    • Which of the four MPH Tracks (Community Health, Environmental Health, Health Care Management, or Nutrition) you intend to pursue
    • How your academic and/or professional background prepares you to study within your chosen MPH Track
    • Why you are choosing this particular MPH Track and how you hope it will help you reach your professional goals
  • Two letters of recommendation from persons who know you in a professional capacity.
  • In the online application, you will be asked about your academic and employment history

The applicant is responsible for assuring that all necessary materials are received by the Office of Graduate Studies by the recommended application deadlines. While the Department of Health accepts applications at any time, a student's ability to schedule desired courses may be impacted by the timing of application processing. All application materials become the property of West Chester University and may not be returned or forwarded to another institution.

The Office of Graduate Studies

collects application materials as they are received. When a student's file is complete, and not before, the application is sent to the Department of Health. Departmental faculty evaluate the application then recommend either full or provisional matriculation or denial, as appropriate, to the Graduate Dean. A student is admitted to graduate study at West Chester University only after final action by the Graduate Dean.

More Information

For more information regarding the status of an application under review please contact:

  • Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education 
    McKelvie Hall, 102 Rosedale Avenue 
    West Chester University 
    West Chester, PA 19383-2600 
    Phone: 610-436-2943 
    Fax: 610-436-2763 
    E-mail: The Office of Graduate Studies
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