Applied Learning Experience 

The 200-hour Applied Learning Experience (ALE) is a practicum experience designed to help students apply, while interning in a public health-related setting, the knowledge and skills developed during the theoretical aspects of MPH Program. It is recognized that the competencies needed in the professional workplace will be similar but often somewhat different from those used in a classroom situation. Relationships may also be different. Therefore, the transition from classroom to the work setting requires careful preparation.

While in the program, students will be enrolled into a MPH Program Informational D2L site which will provide guidance and empower students in making informed choices regarding the selection of the ALE placement site where they can sharpen competencies learned, benefit from new experiences, and grow professionally. Guidance on the D2L informational site will also help to coordinate the efforts of Applied Learning Experience Faculty Advisor and Agency Site Supervisor.

Site Supervisor Orientation

MPH ALE Guidelines

ALE Contacts:

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