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Our Mission: Preparing and inspiring health leaders, professionals, and consumers through collaborative and innovative approaches to education, research and community service.

Mission Moments

One of the College of Health Sciences priorities is to engage non-profit and public organizations as champions and supporters of our work. Our partnership with the YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YMCAGBW) continues to make significant and positive differences in the lives of the community. Most recently, our nutrition and public health sciences departments have been involved in helping the Bertram Lawson, CEO YMCAGBW on his health journey. Public health sciences undergraduate students who are currently completing their required internship at the YMCAGBW are assisting in the program planning of his journey. Additionally, Dr. Sandy Sarcona PhD, associate professor, department of nutrition and our undergraduate nutrition students provided Bertram some healthy eating tips to celebrate National Nutrition Month, in March! As mentioned in the video, our institution can assist the YMCA in meeting member needs, and by doing so, we create rich learning experiences for our students in return.

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