Cost Comparison

Universities In-State Tuition per credit Fees Total Out-of-State Tuition per credit Fees Total Number of Credits Credit Source Tuition Source
WCU 516.00 154.46 670.46 774.00 166.46  940.46 46 WCU Credit Source WCU Tuition Source
University of Pennsylvania* 1,508.67 191.67 1,700.33       14 units* UPenn Credit Source UPenn Tuition Source
Drexel - MPH 1,210.00 280.00 1,490.00       56 Drexel Credit Source Drexel Tuition Cost
Thomas Jefferson University 1,190.00 31.00 1,221.00       45 Jefferson Credit Source Jefferson Tuition Source
LaSalle University 870.00 335.00 1,205.00       48 LaSalle Credit Source LaSalle Tuition Source
Arcadia University 765.00 205.00 970.00       42 Arcadia Credit Source Arcadia Tuition Source
Temple     988.00     1,358.00 42 Temple Credit Source Temple Tuition Source
PennState     915.00     1,571.00 42 PSU Credit Source PSU Tuition Source

*Credit Units (CU) are divided by 3 to roughly compare cost per credit.

There are 14 CU (credit units) required for completion of the degree. Each credit unit is equivalent to one course (1 CU = 1 course). The total cost of the program will vary slightly based on how many classes you plan on taking per semester (full-time students typically have two 3-credit semesters and two 4-credit semesters).

Unless noted, all fees are based on the in-class rate. Please note classes administered online typically have a different fee structure and could include different fee structures. 

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