Important Registration Updates

During the Spring 2024 semester WCU will be working on our transition from myWCU to RamPortal. This will impact how students register for Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 classes.

Included is the registration schedule, and the systems that will be utilized by students, advisors and staff.

Overview & Key Dates

Information Summer 2024 Fall 2024
System myWCU RamPortal
Information Stored In… Registration records will be kept in myWCU and not transition to RamPortal in real-time Registration records will be kept in RamPortal and never appear in myWCU
Training No training planned as process remains the same. Sign up Now!
Class Schedule Visible 2/5/2024 Approximately 03/04/2024
Registration Start Dates Assigned 2/5/2024 Approximately 03/04/2024

Advising Period

Period before registration starts

Begins 2/5/2024
No Advisor (NEN) hold assigned
03/04/2024 - 03/27/2024
Note: Spring Break 03/11 - 03/17
Registration Starts 02/07/2024 – 2/21/2024 Student enrollment start dates will be between 03/27/2024 - 04/12/2024
This is a condensed registration window
Preferred Registration Deadline Asking students to be registered by this deadline, so summer registration information can be loaded into RamPortal to facilitate Fall 24 registration: 03/08/2024 Aim to have returning students registered before the start of Spring 24 final exams
Open Registration for non-degree students Graduate: March 6th
Undergraduate: April 24th
Graduate: April 17th
Undergraduate: July 10th

System, Tools & Data

Information Summer 2024 Fall 2024
System myWCU RamPortal
Advisor Notes myWCU Advising Notes MyWCU Advising Notes
(Notes will transition to RamPortal in summer 2024)
Class Offerings In myWCU In RamPortal the week of 3/4
A PDF of offerings will be available on Registrar's website prior to 3/4
Degree Audit myWCU DPR The myWCU DPR will accurately show historic enrollments including spring 24 and summer 24 classes
Holds No advisor holds will be applied The advisor hold (ADV) will be applied
Academic Record, Current/Future Registration

Student record information can be found in myWCU via Display All and DPR.

Summer registration & grade information will only be in RamPortal.

View most accurate record in myWCU via Display All and DPR.

Note: Spring 24 and Summer 24 registration information will NOT be accurate in RamPortal until September 2024

myWCU will NEVER show Fall 2024 class registration information.