What to Expect at "Go-Live"

Go-live refers to the initial utilization of a RamPortal function by campus users (students, faculty and/or staff). An example: the initial go-live of class registration will be March 2024 for fall 2024 registration.

The go-live typically includes the tools and functions that are critical to completing the function. Go-lives don’t typically include additional elements that help the automation, reporting, and usability of the tool. These additional elements are layered into the tool overtime via additional releases.

We understand that the rollout of RamPortal and all the tools necessary to support users is an iterative process that will take time post initial go-live.

The following image depicts this iterative process that leads up to the initial go-live, and the continual growth/improvement of the system post go-live.

Configuration - RamPortal Pages, Development - integration, etc., Testing/Validation Integration, Turn-Over to Ellucian, Deploy to RamPortal Production (AKA Cut-Over), Begin Utilizing (AKA Go-Live)

Post-Go-Live Use & Support, Changes Identified, Updates to Code developed, Updates turned over to Ellucian, Updates deployed to Production, Repeat

Initial Go-Live Losses

In WCU’s move to RamPortal, there are needs to limit the scope of functionality available at our initial go-live in order to manage project scope and risk. The below document is intended to summarize what current functionality (available in myWCU) that will not be available in RamPortal during our initial go- live.

It is our intention to work to introduce these missing tools over time as we continue to iterate on our system.

Summary of Functionality Loss at Go-Live of RamPortal

In instances in which the Banner software does not, to the best of our knowledge, have the ability to offer the functionality, that is also noted.