RamPortal Terminology

This page features definitions for the various terms we will use as we implement Banner/RamPortal. If you don’t see a term, please feel free to email SIS@wcupa.edu.

Current System Definitions


West Chester's Curriculum Management Platform; used for curriculum and catalog changes via CAPC


West Chester's Document Management System; used for processes involving student forms (Petitions, Term Withdrawals), Tenure and Promotion, Human Resources, and more


West Chester's Student Success Platform; students can interact with advisors and student success coordinators


West Chester's Learning Management System; where students and faculty log into see course information, syllabi; student groups

General Definitions


West Chester University's current SIS


This project is rooted in PASSHE's goal to move all institutions to a singular student information system (I.e. "OneSIS). In planning the project, the decision was made that WCU would have it's own environment that is not part of the OneSIS, but shares the same Banner technology. "OneSIS" refers to the shared environment the other PASSHE schools are migrating to, this environment does not include WCU data of functionality.

Student Information System (SIS)

Campus wide software that houses all records related to a student's history at WCU; also contains data related to curriculum, scheduling, faculty course load, etc.


West Chester's Academic and Enterprise Systems department


Technical transition of data or configuration to RamPortal; does not indicate end users required engagement with platform


RamPortal modules are live and ready for engagement by students, staff, faculty (some go-lives could have engagements with limited populations)​

Project Team Definitions

Advisory Group

AVPs and Directors whose work is impacted by the SIS transition

Change Agent

Representative from a specific department or division committed to positive engagement and communication with campus partners in regard to the project.

Implementation Team

Collective group of Workstream Team Leads, Functional Leads, Technical Leads, and Project Managers

Project Manager (PM)

There are WCU project managers in each workstream to help with planning, organization, communication, and support. The PM is responsible for partnering with the functional and technical lead to organize the work, prioritize tasks, ensure timely communication, proactively identify risk, and support the work. They are often the first point of contact for questions about deliverables, dates, approaches, etc.


Specific working group for individual departments or divisions to configure and design their Banner solutions and processes:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Admissions/Enrollment Management
  • Data Governance
  • Financial Aid
  • General Person
  • Reporting
  • Student
  • Training

Workstream Team Lead

Main point of contact and subject matter expert (SME) for a specific department or division.

RamPortal System Definitions


West Chester University's future SIS; the SIS for this current project

Banner General

The core component of Banner that provides centralized system management tools and utility programs used by other Banner products.

Banner Student

Supports the full range of functions necessary for student administration, including:

  • Academic history
  • Admissions/Enrollment Management
  • Curriculum & creation of catalogs
  • Faculty workload analysis
  • Registration
  • Schedule
  • Transfer Articulation

Banner Financial Aid

Provides processing and management functionality required to administer, track, and report on financial aid. 

  • Applicant Processing
  • Need Analysis/Verification
  • Packaging and Disbursement
  • Requirements Tracking

Banner Accounts Receivable

Maintain charge and payment information for student accounts.

Degree Works

An academic advising and degree audit solution to guide student success.


Reporting product for Banner


Integration tool between Banner and other systems


Vendor providing the Banner platform


West Chester's name for our Banner instance