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What do the letters of the RamPortal Administrative pages mean?

"Naming Conventions" Explained

Note: The RamPortal Administrative pages are typically used  by functional office staff, and occasionally academic department administrative staff. 

Below is a written and visual explanation of the seven letter RamPortal/Banner form names. (A reminder that RamPortal is our WCU brand name for the Banner system.)

Additional examples:

  • "SPAPERS"  stands for ->  Student Person Application PERSon
  • "SGASTDN" stands for ->Student  General Application STuDeNtNaming Conventions 1

Naming convention 2

Naming COnventions 3

Naming Conventions 4

RamPortal Term Codes


As you may know, in myWCU, the four digit code signifies the term.

Current four digit codes:

  • First digit = Century
  • Middle Digits = Year
  • Last Digit = Semester

Example: "2223" = 2nd century, year -2022, then 3rd semester which is Summer 2 session.


The Banner/RamPortal value is six digits, allowing further details in our codes.


Year and Semester Term Codes

Six digit codes:

  • First Four Digits = Year
  • Last Two Digits = Semester

Semester codes


Q: What will happen to the Summer 2 and Post semesters?

A: Please see the BannerBot Lessons page "Parts of Term - Summer and Winter" lesson.