The Student System Modernization Project Team recognizes the importance of third-party integrations with the new RamPortal Student Information System. Below is a timeline of the process for reimplementing these integrations. Step 1 has already been completed!

  1 Review and document all current myWCU integrations 3 Meet with WCU departments responsible for 3rd party integrations Inventory Prioritize Prioritize integrations based on the current RamPortal Module Go Live timeline 2 Connect 5 If needed: Meet with 3rd party vendor to discuss cost and timeline 7 Work with WCU department to test the integration with RamPortal Discovery Negotiate Document scope and specifications for the 3rd party integration with RamPortal 4 Reimplement Develop the new integration for 3rd party system to RamPortal 6 Test Go Live New integration live in production RamPortal with support from AES 8

Interested in finding out more specifics, please see this spreadsheet for current integrations.