Summary of RamPortal Feedback and Suggestions

RamPortal Feedback and Suggestions 4/2/2024


Will data requests, access requests, and technical assistance process remain the same?

  • We will be providing RamPortal training for each workstream as they prepare to go live. Additional training for faculty and staff will be provided before there is an expectation of RamPortal usage
  • AES and the Workstream leads will coordinate security needs for faculty and staff
  • All other requests will remain the same via the AES Service Portal

Can RamPortal support a "student view" that faculty and staff are able to see?

  • This is being reviewed to see if something is available that falls within the current FERPA guidelines

What data will be converted and how far back?

  • This will vary on the data elements, but will be provided to campus in a functional sheet as the conversions happen
  • Example: All academic history for all WCU students will be preserved; but application history will be limited.
  • Learn more by visiting our historical data website.

Will historical data be preserved? Will it be accessible?

  • Some historical data from myWCU will be preserved in external systems even if not part of the RamPortal conversions. The Project Team is exploring additional retention methods which would be accessed via data requests.

How do I log into RamPortal?

  • The RamPortal url is https://ramportal.wcupa.edu
  • There is very limited access to RamPortal right now. Faculty can expect to gain access approximately March 4, 2024.

Registration & Student Records - Summer 2024 & Fall 2024

What do I need to know about Summer registration?

Summer registration will be our last term we use myWCU, beginning with Fall 24 class registration will occur in RamPortal. To accommodate registration in two systems we are separating summer and fall registration. Summer 24 registration will occur earlier and fall 24 registration has been delayed until later in the term. moving summer 24 registration early, and moving fall 24 registration later.

Here is key information to know about Summer 2024 registration:

  • Summer registration start dates and the class schedule will be visible to students on February 5th.
  • There will be no Advisor (NEN) hold applied to students for summer registration. (Note: there will be advisor holds applied for fall 24 registration later in March)
  • Student scheduling times will be between February 7th and February 21st.
  • We are asking students to register by an early registration deadline of March 8th . Having registrations completed by this date will allow for easier registration in fall classes for which the summer courses serve as prerequisites. This is not a hard deadline, students will continue to be able to enroll in summer classes in myWCU until the course add/drop deadline.

Will courses need to be rebuilt in RamPortal?

  • Yes. Utilizing the CLSS application, courses will be rebuilt in RamPortal for the full 2024-2025 academic year. The window to build courses is fluid.

Will there be a need to be processing in both myWCU and RamPortal at the same time?

  • Faculty will not need to complete a singular task in both myWCU and RamPortal. For example we will not be asking faculty to enter their summer 2024 class grades in both systems.
  • Starting on 2/1/24 WCU will have begun its conversion of student records from myWCU to RamPortal. After this date service offices such as The Registrar's Office, the Graduate School, Bursar, etc. Will need to make record updates in both myWCU and RamPortal to ensure data doesn't become out of sync.

Will grades have to go into two systems?

  • Grades will not have to be entered into both RamPortal and myWCU

What do I need to know about the conversion of student data to RamPortal and it's impact on student information.

  • Overview:
    • Conversion refers to the process of moving all student academic history - registration records, grade, major, degree conferral, holds, etc. - from myWCU to RamPortal.
    • Conversion takes approximately three weeks. This includes the creation of the files in myWCU and the process of loading the data into RamPortal, and the validation of the data.
    • During the conversion period, WCU will need to pause making updates to student records to ensure data inconsistencies don't occur between myWCU and RamPortal.
    • After conversion of data, WCU will need to maintain student record information in two Student Information Systems (myWCU and RamPortal).
  • Timeline:
    • Until 1/31 - Record Cleanup: In advance of conversion, we want to ensure that our student records are fully up to date - this means we've updated all student majors/minors, we've assigned advisors, processed all change of grades, dotted every i and crossed every t. We are working across campus to ensure records are fully updated.
    • 2/1 - 2/26 - Pausing record updates: During the conversion timeline we will pause all updates to student records to ensure the data in myWCU and RamPortal don't get out of sync.
    • 2/26 - end of Summer 2024 - Maintain Records in two systems: When conversion is completed, the Registrar's Office will resume making updates in both myWCU and RamPortal. The need to maintain data in two systems will impact the timeline it takes the Registrar's Office to complete these updates.
    • Please anticipate that updates to student major/minors, advisors, grades, transfer credits, holds, petitions, academic standing, academic forgiveness, and other student data will be suspended from 2/1-2/26.
  • The following link inclues a bit more information about student data conversion and its impact on specific data elements for your reference. It also summarizes what student record updates will continue during this time. Student Record Conversion to RamPortal-2.pdf

Will students be able to register for spring 24 and summer 24 classes or complete petitions for these terms during the record conversion and record update freeze?

  • The freeze of student records between 2/1 – 2/26 does not impact spring & summer registration changes or petitions for classes during those terms.

What information are we sharing with students regarding the fact that student record updates won't be made during the student conversion and record freeze?

  • We know this record freeze will not impact all students. And that at this point in the term, we want to keep students' focus on engagement with spring classes.
  • We are sharing information in three ways:
    • 1: There is notice on the registrar and graduate school websites posting 2/1-2/26. Note reads: "To support the transition to RamPortal, February 1-25 we will be pausing the processing of some student records changes.  Updates to both Spring and Summer 2024 registration and course schedules will continue as normal. Transcripts will be available during this time; however, changes to your major/minor requested during these dates will not be reflected on your transcript."
    • 2: There is an alert in myWCU that will be posted on 2/1-2/26 that reads: To support the transition to RamPortal, February 1-25 we will be pausing the processing of some student records changes and you may see a delay in the update of your record.  Updates to your Spring and Summer 2024 registration will continue as normal.
    • 3: If a student reaches out to inquire about the status of their form or record update the Registrar's Office will be sharing the following message: Thank you for submitting your [enter name of request].  We wanted to confirm that we have received your request. During the date of February 1-25 we will be pausing the update of student records to facilitate the transfer to RamPortal.  We will begin processing all requests we have received for student record updates starting Monday, February 26.   Please be patient as we work through the requests we have received.  We anticipate being able to process your request prior to the start of Fall 2024 registration and will let you know via email when we have processed your request.

Where will we enter advising notes and will myWCU advising notes be brought over to RamPortal?

  • At this time we recommend that advisors continue to utilize myWCU advising notes until further notice.
  • WCU is working on finalizing the plan to utilize RamPortal Notes to replace advising notes
  • RamPortal notes allow advisors to enter notes for students. These notes are visible to students and visible to other faculty/ and staff supporting the student.
  • RamPortal notes does not however include the ability to attach additional documents to the notes.
  • It is our plan to convert myWCU advising notes to RamPortal. The specific date of conversion, and discontinuation of myWCU advising notes is not yet determined. Please continue to utilize myWCU advising notes for summer 2024 advising until further notice.

Will students be able to search for classes that were gen ed approved only for students prior to 2020?

  • Effective fall 2024 courses that did not complete general education revalidation will no longer carry the general education attribute for any students.
  • This is a change in the current process because students who were admitted prior to revalidation can currently see courses that weren't revalidated as meeting their general education requirements in myWCU

When will departments be able to make updates to the Fall 2024 class schedule?

  • Departments will have access to edit their fall 2024 class schedule in CLSS in mid-February for the class schedule that will be published March 4th.
  • We recognize that departments will need to do updates/edits to their class schedule to prepare for the temporary challenges part of the fall 2024 registration process. We plan to discuss this with department chairs at the February Council of Chairs meeting.
  • Updates are anticipated for the following pieces:
    • Course waitlists
    • Enrollment prerequisites
    • Updates to department consent rules.
  • Where will departments confer degress?

What isn't available in RamPortal?

What data from myWCU will not be available in RamPortal?

What current myWCU tools won't be available in RamPortal?

Degree Audit

What is the Degree Audit?

  • The RamPortal degree audit is the replacement for the myWCU Degree Progress Report (DPR).
  • It is the individualized course plan the indicates a students' major, minor and general education requirements.

When will the Degree Audits be available?

  • The degree audit is anticipated to be available to students, faculty and staff approximately March 4, 2024.

When will the DPR be decommissioned?

  • There is not set date in which we will be removing access the the DPR. We anticipate the DPR will still be needed for summer 2024 and fall 2024 course selection advising.
  • We anticipate that the DPR will not longer be maintained or accurate sometime during Fall 2024. Notice will be provided before access to the DPR is removed.
  • NOTE: The Degree Audit in RamPortal will not show fully accurate enrollments for spring 24, summer 24 semesters. It is recommended that students and advisors use the DPR to see how spring and summer 2024 classes meet degree requirements.

How will exceptions or substitutions be made in the Degree Audit in RamPortal?

  • We will be migrating exceptions and substitutions that exist in myWCU to RamPortal.
  • Unfortunately there is no way to automate this transition of data, so the Registrar's Office will be manually migrating this data. This migration cannot begin until approximately March 4th.
  • We will be prioritizing migration of substitutions for active & enrolled students; after those we will move to active not enrolled students; then we will move to inactive students who did not graduate.
  • We will not plan to migrate exceptions/substitutions for conferred students.

How were the Degree Audit requirements built?

  • The Degree Audits were built off of the official curriculum published in the catalog. The catalog represents the curriculum as approved by CAPC and the Provost.
  • We utilized the 2022-2023 catalog as our ‘base' catalog for building the degree audit. Then we did forward/backward degree audit building for the followings years
    • Forward: 2023-2024
    • Backward: Through the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • Students admitted prior to Fall 2017 will not automatically receive a degree audit in RamPortal. This is a very small population of students. We are working on determining how to build individual audits for any students admitted prior to fall 2017.

What do I do if I have feedback or have identified issues with the Degree Audit?

  • We are actively seeking feedback on the Degree Audits. Between 1/23- mid-February we are working to meet with every department chairperson and graduate coordinator to review their Degree Audit. We believe it is critical that these curricular owners see their degree audits and offer feedback.
  • In Mid-February we'll be training all faculty and staff on the degree audit and invite their feedback.
  • Users who have feedback on the Degree Audit should please complete this form: https://forms.office.com/r/0FH9ibUDAW

Data, Reporting & SAS

How will department and deans be able to monitor fall enrollment and admissions while the SAS dashboards are being rebuilt?

  • Academic & Enterprise Systems and Institutional Research is working to rebuild our admissions and enrollment snapshot processes off of RamPortal data. This RamPortal datasets will then feed into the SAS Dashboards.
  • At registration go-live for fall 2024, March 2024, we do not expect that the SAS dashboards will be available to monitor fall admissions and enrollment.
  • In the interim we will producing data sets for departments to use and sharing them via our RamPortal teams site with department chairs, graduate coordinators and deans. These data sets will provide some of the basic data to help monitor student registration, for the purposes of promoting student success and monitoring/adjusting course offerings.
  • Please reach out to Megan Jerabek (mjerabek@wcupa.edu) with your data needs and to get access to the teams site.

What reports will be available to me?

  • At our initial go-live there will very limited reports available for users. If you need data please reach out to Megan Jerabek to ensure the report needs are met.


What is the relationship between Banner/RamPortal and other campus systems?

  • We are actively working on integrating our current systems with Banner/RamPortal. To see the list of integrations we are working on and their status visit our Integrations webpage.
  • Questions about additional or enhance integrations can be submitted to sis@wcupa.edu.

MyWCU Questions

When will myWCU be 'shut down'?

  • This is still a fluid timeline with view only access a possibility. There is expectation to remove transactional access from myWCU as we go live with the Fall 2024 semester.
  • On 2/1 staff and faculty will lose access to completing the following functions in myWCU, as a result of the conversion of data to RamPortal:
    • Holds
    • Advisor Assignments
    • Updates to major/minor, etc.
    • Change of grade
    • Posting transfer credit
    • Applying for graduation after summer 24
    • Petition process (for terms prior to spring 24)
    • Updating academic standing
    • Conferring degrees
    • Academic Forgiveness processing
    • Residency updates
    • Student test scores
    • Student milestones

Other FAQs

In faculty self-service when looking at the advisee list, can't you search by last name?

  • For the advisee list the search option are by name, ID number, or email address.

Will the student profile in RamPortal be integrated with notices in Navigate? For example, if faculty have posted concerns in navigate, can I see those notes in a student's RamPortal profile?

  • Navigate data does not integrate into RamPortal. So you won't be able to see concerns from navigate in RamPortal