In the News

  • April 2021: CSC graduate students, Lipika Chandrashekar, Jasmine Howard, Akash Kumar, Eric Lacker, and Srilaxmi Paramaiahgari, will be presenting their research project titled "Statistical Analysis of Eclipse Refactoring Bug Reports" on April 29th, 2021 during the 2nd Annual WCU Research and Creative Activity Day (RCAD). Congratulations to all!
  • March 2021: One of our competitive programming teams, Golden Rams 3 (Brandon Barker, Alexandra Garibaldi, and Kevin Codd) advised by Dr. Linh Ngo, made it through the regional round of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) to the North America Central Division round. Congratulations to all!

  • February 2021: CSC Computing Coordinator, Dr. Si Chen, launched a new server built for deep learning and high performance computing. It is equipped with two AMD EPYC 7452 (a total of 64 cores) CPUs and with 143 GB memory. The RTX Quadro 8000 graphic card is able to support a full deep learning coding stack, which includes frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Keras.
  • January 2021: WCU won the 8th place in the CCSC (Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges) with outstanding students: Brandon Barker, Dominic Curcio, Akash Kumar.

  • January 2021: The CSC Department welcomes approximately 35 new students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to our program.
  • December 2020: CSC congratulates 36 graduating seniors who have fully completed their major requirements, including 18 whom also satisfied the Certificate in Computer Security requirements.

  • Congratulations to CSC major Amondo Clayton, who is one of 40 WCU students who have been selected to receive this year's West Chester University 1871 Award, which recognizes students who excel in the academic and co-curricular realms.
  • October 2020: The Computer Science Competitive Programming Club sent two teams to virtually compete at CCSC-EA. Out of 24 teams, the team of Brandon Barker, Kevin Codd, and Dominic Curcio placed 3rd and Mary Bauman, Rishi Parida, and Andrew Valenci placed 9th.

  • October 2020: Two publications were presented at CCSC-EA (Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges – Eastern Region) 37th Annual Regional Conference:

    Containerizing CS Learning Environments, authored by Dr. Linh B. Ngo, Dr. Richard Burns and Dr. Si Chen.

    Virtual Cluster for HPC Education, authored by Dr. Linh B. Ngo and John Kilgannon (alumni).

  • October 2020: Our third departmental social event was organized with a topic focusing on Information Technology internships. Our student panelists included Amondo Clayton, Stephen Dages, Mitchel Griffith, and Chris Hollowood.

  • September 2020: Our second departmental social event was organized with a topic focusing on Software Engineering internships. Our student panelists include Alexandra Garibaldi, Andrew Valenci, and Nicholas Edwards.
  • September 2020: Dr. Linh Ngo hosted a department panel on landing internships and student experiences in the interview process. Many thanks to our junior and senior panelists: Alexandra Garibaldi, Andrew Valenci, Brandon Barker, Nicholas Edwards. About 35 students attended including many first and second-year students.

  • September 2020: Dr. Afrand Agah will be virtually presenting her accepted publication, “Discerning Divergent Nodes in Social Networks”, at the 14th International Conference on Social Computing and Applications (ICSSR).

  • August 2020: CSC welcomes 84 first-year undergrads, 34 transfer students, and 16 new graduate students for the Fall 2020 semester.

  • August 2020: Dr. Linh Ngo organized and hosted a welcome back Dept Social event on Zoom, to kick start the fall semester.

  • August 2020: Students Sean Flanagan and Biying Chen are recipients of the Repair the World Scholarship. Congratulations!

  • August 2020: Dr. Jongwook Kim joins the CS Department as an Assistant Professor. He is interested in automated software development using program analysis and transformation techniques. He has research experience in software refactorings, design patterns, software product lines and model-driven engineering with publications at multiple flagship conferences including ICSE, ICSME and SPLC. 
  • August 2020: Mr. Thomas Albrecht (2013) and Ms. Madhura Mohile join the CS Department as Adjunct Faculty.

  • July 2020: Dr. Cheer Yang virtually presented his accepted publication “Teaching Visual Computing as a Post-Doctoral Area in a Small University” at the 12th Annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies.

  • July 2020: Jon Kilgannon successfully defended his Master’s Thesis titled, “A Machine Learning System for Glaucoma Detection using Inexpensive Computation”. His thesis committee included Dr. Richard Burns (thesis chair), Dr. Si Chen, and Dr. Linh Ngo.

  • June 2020: Dr. Si Chen was elevated to IEEE Senior Member. IEEE stands for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Senior Membership is bestowed only to those who have made significant contributions to the profession.

  • June 2020: Dr. Linh Ngo, received a Research in Mathematics and the Sciences (RIMS) Award from the College of Sciences and Mathematics, for his project titled “Performance Evaluation of Big Data Infrastructure Deployment via High Throughput Computing Platform.”

  • May 2020: Dr. Liu Cui was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor. 

  • May 2020: In Spring 2020 Commencement, the Department awarded the B.S. in Computer Science degree to 57 students and Computer Security certificate to 39 students.

  • April 2020: It is with bittersweet emotion that we are announcing that Dr. Fabrey, who is celebrating his 45th year teaching anniversary at WCU, is retiring at the end of this Spring20 semester. Dr. Fabrey has led the CS Dept for almost two decades, serving as Chairperson for the last 18 years since 2002. We wish Dr. Fabrey a very well earned and happy retirement.

  • April 2020: Paul Dinsmore, longtime adjunct instructor in our CS Department, is retiring after the Spring 2020 semester. We wish him health and happiness in his retirement.

  • March 2020: Congratulations to graduate student Jon Kilgannon who was recognized by the Graduate Student Association for excellence in Scholarship. Dr. Agah, Graduate Coordinator, additionally mentions: “Jon Kilgannon has done exemplary work throughout his graduate career. In addition to mastery (4.0 GPA) of his coursework, Jon has demonstrated an ability to conduct independent research that is worthy of recognition. He was awarded a prize for his poster presentation of “Automated Detection of Glaucoma Indicators with Machine Learning” at the Fall 2019 Research Day symposium, and is currently completing a Master’s thesis on the topic.”

Student Spotlight

  • Brandon Barker: WCU President Dr. Christopher Fiorentino, highlighted CS undergrad student Brandon Barker, in his May “Success Starts Here” spotlight. Brandon has been utilizing 3D printing technology to make face shields for first responders. Check out WCU's story on Brandon.

  • Amondo S. Clayton, II: For the summer of 2019, during his sophomore year, he successfully secured a ten-week paid internship with Comcast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While there, Amondo gained hands-on training with SQL, Excel, Pivot Tables, and Tableau. He created visualization reports of new products and services that Comcast and Xfinity were in the process of launching. During his internships, he expanded upon his previous knowledge as he simultaneously learned proprietary software, had fun, and established meaningful connections with others in his field.

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