Computer Security Certificate

This certificate is intended for students who wish to focus on the computer/network security aspects of Computer Science. To satisfy the certificate, the following Core Security courses must be taken (Note that the following requirements are for students who elected the Computer Security Certificate in Fall 2020 or later. The “requirement term” of your Computer Security Certificate is found at the top of your Degree Progress Report on myWCU):

Course Number Course Title
CSC 141 Computer Science I
CSC 142 Computer Science II
MAT 151 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MAT 161 Calculus I
CSC 220 Foundations of Computer Science
CSC 231 Computer Systems
CSC 240 Computer Science III
CSC 241 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC 301 Computer Security and Ethics
CSC 302 Computer Security
CSC 335 Data Communications and Networking I
CSC 402 Software Engineering
CSC 468 Introduction to Cloud Computing
CSC 471 Modern Malware Analysis
CSC 472 Software Security

(Requirement for student who elected the Computer Security Certificate prior to Fall 2020: Fall 2019 – Summer 2020 | Summer 2019 and Before)

In order for an undergraduate student to receive recognition of completion of the Computer Security Certificate, he or she must complete each of the Certificate courses with a minimum grade of C– and obtain an overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken for the certificate (counting CSC301 and CSC402, which are required for the major).

A student who wishes to pursue this certificate should file an Application for Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Security, which can be found on myWCU.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyze and resolve security issues in networks and computer systems to secure an IT infrastructure
  2. Implement secure measurements to protect networks, secure electronic assets, prevent attacks, ensure privacy, and build secure infrastructures that respect ethical principles
  3. Communicate effectively with IT professionals and key business stakeholders
  4. Understand legal requirement and regulations on cybersecurity
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