Computer Labs/Facilities

Laboratory Classrooms

The Computer Science Departments maintains two state-of-the-art computer laboratories for exclusive use of students in our degree programs:

  • UNA 141, 25 machines (Windows)
  • UNA 147, 21 machines (MacOS)

Access to these laboratories is facilitated using your WCU Id card. See our Administrative Assistant, Ms. Jasmine Worrell, to troubleshoot any WCU card access issues.

The West Chester University Information Services Divisions maintains other laboratory classrooms across campus, which all students are free to use. Students may use laboratory classroom space whenever a class is not in session.

Department Servers

Dr. Si Chen serves as our CS Department Computing Coordinator and maintains the following Linux servers:

  • molly (student classroom work, student research, faculty research): two AMD EPYC 7452 CPUs (64 cores), 143 GB memory, RTX Quadro 8000 graphic card (supporting deep learning via TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras)
  • taz (student classroom work, faculty research)
  • roadrunner (student classroom work, faculty research)
  • bones (faculty only)
  • coyote (faculty research)
  • badger (ESXi server with Docker for security lab, CTF server, faculty research)

All CS students have access to the taz server. For access, please contact

Dr. Chen


WCU RamCloud

RamCloud is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that allows West Chester University students, faculty, and staff, to access certain WCU licensed software applications, from any device (Mac, PC, or mobile) anywhere, at any time. RamCloud is maintained by Information services. For more information, see

CSC Common Room, 25 University Ave. Rm 139

The Computer Science Department has a departmental common room, non-classroom area for faculty/student collaboration and research, conversations, studying, tutoring and BYOD usage.  It also features a refrigerator and coffee area for students to use in between classes.  Additionally, many of the student organizations within the CSC umbrella utilize the space for their club meetings.