Minor in Chemistry

Chemistry Course Descriptions

The Department of Chemistry offers a minor in Chemistry. The requirements are as follows:

Required Courses

Course Abbreviation
Course Number
Course Name
CHE 231 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHE 232 Organic Chemistry II 3
CRL 231 Experimental Organic Chemistry I Lab 2
CHE 321 Analytical Chemistry I 3
CRL 321 Analytical Chemistry I Lab 2
Three credits of 300-level or higher chemistry elective(s)2


Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name
CHE 103 General Chemistry I
CHE 104 General Chemistry II
CRL 103 Experimental General Chemistry I (LAB)
CRL 104 Experimental General Chemistry II (LAB)
GPA of at least a 2.00 in the minor.
Interview with the Department of Chemistry minor adviser or chair at least once a semester.