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B.S. Chemistry-Biology:

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West Chester, PA 19383-2115

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B.S. Chemistry-Biology:

Our mission is to prepare a wide range of students to understand the material world. Our students are prepared to serve as chemical professionals (including teachers), to undertake advanced formal and informal study in chemistry and other subjects where chemical insight is central to basic understanding, and to advance the knowledge, capabilities and public understanding of chemistry as an academic discipline with application to virtually every facet of modern life.

Students graduating from this program will have gained the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  1. Fundamental chemical knowledge
  2. Knowledge of sub-disciplines of chemistry
  3. Laboratory skills
  4. Biological concepts
  5. Scientific communication skills
  6. Knowledge of ethical issues
  7. Contributions to the community


1st Year

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 103 General Chemistry I 3
CRL 103 Exp. Gen. Chem. I 1
MAT 161 Calculus I 4
WRT 120 Effective Writing I 3
BIO 110 General Biology 3
CHE 104 General Chemistry II 3
CRL 104 Exp. Gen. Chem. II 1
BIO 217 General Zoology 3
WRT   Writing Course3 3
MAT 121 Statistics I 3

2nd Year

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 231 Organic Chemistry I 4
CRL 231 Exp. Org. Chem. I 2
BIO 220 Cell Phys. 3
PHY 130 Physics I4 4
GEd   Humanities (1) 3
CHE 232 Organic Chemistry II 3
BIO 230 Genetics 3
GEd   Diverse Communities 3
PHY 140 Physics II4 4
SPK   Communication Studies5 3

3rd Year

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 321 Analytical Chemistry I 3
CHE 341 Physical Chemistry I 4
BIO 357 Comp. Vert. Anat. 4
GEd   Student Elective 3
GEd   B/SS (1) 3
CHE 418 Chemical Information7,8 1
BIO 468 Comp. Vert. Phys.1 4
GEd   Arts 3
GEd   Student Elective 3
    Bio. or Chem.Elective2,7,8 4
CRL 321 Exp. Analyt. Chem. I7,8 2

4th Year

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 476 Biochemistry I 3
 CRL  476 Experimental Biochem. I  2
 GEd    B/SS (2)  3
 GEd    Humanities (2)  3
PHI 371 Medical Ethics6 3
BIO 448 Animal Development 4
CHE   Chemistry Elective2,7,8 3
CHE   Chemistry Elective2,7,8 3
GEd   Student Elective 3
CHE 491 Chemistry Seminar 1

B.S. Chemistry Biology Advising Sheet

Program Notes:

  • 1Students may substitute BIO 469 for BIO 468
  • 2Biology and Chemistry electives must be at the 300 level or above. One exception is 810 214, which may be taken in the Spring semester of the Junior year. This option is only for students wishing to take Immunology or Virology, and must be approved by the student's academic advisor.

Notes on General Education Courses (Ged):

  • 3Students may take WRT 206, 208, or 220
  • 4Students may substitute PHY 170 and 180 for PHY 130 and 140
  • 5Choose from SPK 208 or 230.
  • 6PHI 470 fulfills the Interdisciplinary requirement.
  • Students must take three "W" courses; at least 3 credits must be in 300 or 400 level courses
  • 7Students may, with the permission of their academic advisor and department Chair, substitute an approved internship in the biochemical or biomedical field for certain of the requirements given above (denoted by§). These 12 credit hours are replaced with a 12 credit hour internship.
  • 8Students must take sufficient elective credits to attain 120 credits.
  • *Department Safety Examination
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