B.S. in Biochemistry
(ACS Approved)

As a Biochemistry major at West Chester University, you explore the chemistry of living systems and gain insight into how life functions at the molecular level. Our program is exclusively designed for undergraduate students, providing an engaging learning experience and opportunities to join cutting-edge research.

Throughout the program, you will establish a strong foundational understanding of biochemistry, chemistry, and biology. You will also gain hands-on laboratory experience using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Upon completing your Biochemistry B.S. degree at WCU, you will be well-prepared to pursue exciting career paths. Whether you choose to enter the workforce immediately, continue your education in graduate programs leading to a Ph.D. in biochemistry or related fields, or pursue professional degrees such as medicine or pharmacy, our program will prepare you for a range of opportunities.

Please look at our advising sheet below for class information. Our curriculum offers all the essential chemistry courses for this major but also incorporates elective credits for you to tailor your degree to your interests.

Chemistry Course Descriptions

West Chester University of PA BioChemistry students in classroom with projector showing B-M-Glycosidic Bond
West Chester University of PA BioChemistry student in Lab