Labs and Analytical Capabilities

The WCU Chemistry Department houses a wide range of analytical instruments that enable us to perform precise analytical measurements for various applications. We use all these instruments for both classroom teaching and research purposes. We believe that hands-on experiences on state-of-the-art equipment are crucial to retaining theoretical concepts and preparing students for future careers in all disciplines of chemistry. We provide comprehensive training and guidance to all students to ensure they are competent in using the analytical equipment for their laboratory courses. Our undergraduate researchers are trained to become proficient in every step of the analytical process, helping them to independently design experiments and utilize analytical instruments.


Separation and Identification Thumbnail Image
Separation and Identification
Photons, Spectroscopy, and Structure Determination Thumbnail Image
Photons, Spectroscopy, and Structure Determination
Optical Microscopy Thumbnail Image
Optical Microscopy
Electron Microscopy Thumbnail Image
Electron Microscopy
Other Instrumental Analysis Thumbnail Image
Other Instrumental Analysis