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B.S. Chemistry

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B.S. Chemistry:

The B.S. in Chemistry is ACS Approved.

Our mission is to prepare a wide range of students to understand the material world. Our students are prepared to serve as chemical professionals (including teachers), to undertake advanced formal and informal study in chemistry and other subjects where chemical insight is central to basic understanding, and to advance the knowledge, capabilities and public understanding of chemistry as an academic discipline with application to virtually every facet of modern life.

Students graduating from this program will have gained the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  1. Fundamental chemical knowledge
  2. Knowledge of sub-disciplines of chemistry
  3. Laboratory and analytical chemical skills
  4. Scientific communication skills
  5. Scientific literature


1st Year

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 103 General Chemistry I 3
CRL 103 Exp. Gen. Chem. I 1
MAT 161 Calculus I 4
WRT 120 Eff. Writing I 3
GEd   B/SS (1) 3
CHE 104 General Chemistry II 3
CRL 104 Exp. Gen. Chem. II 1
MAT 162 Calculus II 4
WRT   Writing Course3 3
SPK   Communication Studies5 3

2nd Year

Course Abbriviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 231 Organic Chemistry I 4
CRL 231 Exp. Org. Chem. I 2
CHE 321 Analytical Chemistry I 3
CRL 321 Exp. Analyt. Chem. I 2
PHY 170 Physics I 4
CHE 232 Organic Chemistry II 3
CRL 232 Exp. Org. Chem. II 2
CSC 115 Introduction to Computer Programming 3
PHY 180 Physics II 4
GEd   Diverse Communities 3

3rd Year

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 341 Physical Chemistry I 4
CRL 341 Exp. Phys. Chem. I 2
CHE   Chemistry Elective 3
GEd   Humanities (1) 3
CHE 418 Chemical Information 1
GEd   Arts 3
CHE 342 Physical Chemistry II 3
CRL 342 Exp. Phys. Chemistry II 2
CHE   Chemistry Elective (A)1 1
CHE 424 Analytical Chemistry II 3
CRL 424 Exp. Analyt. Chem. II 2
GEd   Student Elective 3

4th Year

Course Abbreviation Course Number Course Name Credits
CHE 411 Adv. Inorganic Chemistry 3
CRL 411 Inorganic Syntheses 2
CHE 476 Biochemistry I 3
CHE 491 Chemistry Seminar 1
GEd   Humanities (2) 3
GEd   B/SS (2) 3
CHE   Chemistry Elective (B)2,7 3
CHE   Chemistry Elective (B)2,7 3
GEd   Student Elective 3
GEd   Student Elective 3
GEd   Interdisciplinary6 3

B.S. Chemistry Advising Sheet

Program Notes:

  • 1Chemistry electives in Group A include: CHE 333 (Organic Ill), or CHE 477 (Biochemistry II). This elective can be taken in the 4th year of study rather than the 3rd year of study.
  • 2Chemistry electives in Group B include any approved 300 or 400 level elective in chemistry.
  • **CHE 409 is no longer offered at WCU. You will need to take a chemistry elective in place of this course.

Notes on General Education Courses (Ged):

  • 3Students may take WRT 121, 206, 208, or 220
  • 4Or CSC 141 if seeking Computer Science minor or BIO 110; fulfills a General Education Science Elective
  • 5Choose from SPK 208 or 230
  • 6No interdisciplinary (l) course may be used to fulfill distributive requirements Students must take three "W" courses; at least 3 credits must be in 300 or 400 level courses
  • 7Students must take sufficient elective credits to attain 120 credits.
  • *Department Safety Examination
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