Alexandra Sterner
Class of 2018

"I take an immense amount of pride in being a WCU Chemistry Department alum. I graduated from the Forensic & Toxicological Chemistry program over 5 years ago, and I still talk about my time at WCU any chance that I can get. In my experience, the Chemistry Department and its faculty put the future of their students first. Each and every faculty member that I encountered within the department has a passion for not just the subject matter they are teaching or their research, but for setting up each student for success after graduating. They provide a very personalized education where students never feel like just a number or another head in a classroom. I believe that the education that I received at WCU is unmatched. My professors within the Chemistry Department helped me become the scientist, professional, and person that I am today. They pushed me and allowed me to see my full potential. Being a student within WCU Chemistry Department was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am forever grateful for the education and life skills that I received!"

Derek Wozniak

"My time in the chemistry department at West Chester prepared me exceptionally well for both a PhD program as well as professional life after graduation. I found that I was actually often more well-prepared than other students for the various challenges of graduate school – I attribute this to the rigorous, yet rewarding, coursework, as well as the opportunity to perform real research in all of the main fields of chemistry. I did synthetic work under Dr. Felix Goodson, and this helped me both to have a good foundation when reaching graduate school and to help me choose which subdiscipline I wanted to study. The chemistry faculty is incredibly supportive with coursework and advising students on their post-graduation options and opportunities, and were always willing to listen and provide insightful answers to students. The student life at West Chester is also excellent, with a wide variety of academic and social groups to join, including the Alchemist’s Club, a group focused on various facets of chemistry. I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed my time in the chem department, and how much it helped to shape me into the chemist I am today!"

Justin Swain
Class of 2010

"“Excuse me Dr. Ressner, who actually does this stuff?!” Listening to a lecture in Organic Chemistry 2, I could not believe anyone actually needed to know how electrons danced around molecules, breaking and forming new bonds. Isn’t this so esoteric that it falls outside of any real utility in my future? Five years after I asked Dr. Ressner that question, I found myself in front of a reactor in Shanghai, working for W.L. Gore and Associates, with my head buried back in my old Organic book. I would love to say that WCU instilled in me all of the chemistry reactions and mechanisms that I would ever need, but the field is too vast. My professors did, in fact, inculcate in me a firm chemistry foundation, but they went beyond the strictly scientific. They taught me how to identify and dissect challenging problems, how to work in small teams, and maybe most important, how to mine for gold in the library. They showed me how to leverage those skills to build on the chemistry foundation an intellectual edifice. A decade after graduating, I oversee my own lab and lead an international team on rewarding projects. Majoring in Chemistry was not easy, the tests were not fun, and the pain was real, but my growth was tremendous. Thank you WCU and the Department of Chemistry!"

Stephanie Waller

"My experience at West Chester University was unforgettable. The positivity and encouragement to succeed from the faculty in the Chemistry department allow students to grow academically as well as prepare them for their lives after graduation. Reaching out to advisors and professors has helped me immensely—from something as small as a question from a lecture to bigger decisions such as internships, job opportunities, and more. By maintaining my connections with professors at West Chester, I was able to make new connections in the chemistry world. This led me to my current career position at a successful pharmaceutical company. In my experience, the Chemistry department at West Chester University has done a fantastic job of educating and preparing students for the next phase of their lives."

Armin Mahdavi
Class ’22

"WCU provided me with a quality chemistry degree, with knowledge and skills that will continue to carry me in my career. Whether you plan to pursue professional or graduate programs, or corporate opportunities, the WCU chemistry programs are an excellent starting point for anyone from any background. Take advantage of internships and networking opportunities. Approach the faculty and classes with the will to learn and you will be rewarded."