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Grade and Credit Types

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Audit (AU)

Auditing a course means that you are officially registered for the course--it appears on the official transcript--but neither credit nor grade is assessed. Students may audit one course per semester. Fees for auditing a course are the same as if you were taking the course for credit.

How do I do it? Register for the course just as if you were receiving credit. Then, file a Course Audit form with the Office of the Registrar. Forms are also available in the Registrar's Office. The form is due by the end of the ninth week of classes. Permission of the course instructor is required to audit the course.

  • Please note that:
    • An audited course will not fulfill any requirement towards graduation.
    • The auditor status may not be changed after it has been declared.
    • The grade of Audit (AU) is recorded on your transcript.

For more information on Auditing Privileges, please view the University Catalog.

Credit by Exam

"Credit by Exam" is a procedure by which you receive credit for a course by taking a test. Forms to register for Credit by Examination  are available in the Registrar's Office. A $92 fee is charged for each course taken.

Credit by exam is a privilege subject to the following conditions:

  • You must apply during the add/drop period. If you have already scheduled into the course, the course will be dropped from your schedule for that semester. Grade notification will occur at the end of the semester.
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00.
  • You must demonstrate evidence of satisfactory academic background for the course.
  • You must not have completed a more advanced course that presupposes knowledge gained in the course. For example, credit by exam cannot be given for FRE101 after you have passed FRE102.
  • Credits attempted or earned though credit by examination are not counted in the student class load.
  • You may not take a course by examination if you have previously taken the course but have not achieved a satisfactory grade in the course.

For more information on Credit by Examination, please view the University Catalog.

Independent Study (IS)/Individualized Instruction (II)

  • Independent Study:
    • Many academic departments offer an independent study course for students with demonstrated ability and special interests. This course is appropriate when a student has a specialized and compelling academic interest that cannot be pursued within the framework of a regular course.
    • An overall GPA of 2.00 or higher and a minimum GPA of 2.00 in a student's major courses are required.
  • Individualized Instruction:
    • Individualized Instruction is the teaching of a regularly listed catalog course to a single student.
    • Individualized Instruction is offered only when the University has canceled or failed to offer a course according to schedule.

File the Independent Study/Individualized Instruction form  at the Registrar's Office. Forms are also available at the Registrar's Office.

Military Withdrawal (M)

Effective for Summer 2015: A grade of "M" will be given for military students and spouses who have to withdraw due to military obligation. PA National Guard and other reserve components called to active duty (for reasons other than for training) and their spouses will receive a grade of "M" when unable to complete classes due to activation for military obligations.

Students who need to withdraw from WCU due to military obligations should complete the Undergraduate Term Withdrawal form (see the Registration & Enrollment section of our Forms page) and return it to the Registrar's office. Students will also need to provide documentation of their military obligation such as military orders or a letter from their commanding officer.

No Grade (NG)

An "NG" is assigned when arrangement has been made between student and instructor to complete coursework beyond the confines of the semester or session. This automatically becomes an "F" if a grade has not been submitted by the instructor by the end of the ninth week of the following semester.

Pass (P)/Fail (F)

Would you like to take a class and receive credit, but not have it count in your GPA? Then Pass/Fail may be the option for you. If you earn a "P", the credits add into your earned credits, but no quality points are assigned - so there is no impact on your GPA. (An "F", however, acts just like any other "F").

Submit a Pass/Fail Course Request  at the Office of the Registrar by the end of the ninth week of the semester (or the equivalent in Summer Session). See the Academic Calendar for deadline information. Read on to see if you qualify.

  • Undergraduate Degree Student:
    • This means you are working towards a BA, BS, or BSED. Pass/Fail is not available to graduate students.

    • Sophomore, Junior, or Senior:

      • You must have earned at least 30.0 credits. Pass/Fail is not available to First Year Students.
      • Cumulative GPA over 2.00: Your overall GPA must be at least 2.00 to take a course Pass/Fail.
      • How many Pass/Fail courses can I take? You may only take one Pass/Fail course per semester.
      • Free Electives only Your Pass/Fail course may not be used to satisfy any major, core, cognate, or distributive requirement.
      • There is no going back. Once you have applied to take a course Pass/Fail, you cannot decide later to change back to a letter grade.

Repeating Courses & Grade Replacement

Beginning with the 1991 Fall Semester, the Repeat Policy is divided into two sections, one covering college-level courses and one covering remedial courses (000-level) that do not count toward graduation.

For more information on Repeating Courses, please view the University Catalog.

Do I need to file a form? For courses taken after the Fall 1996 semester, grade replacements are computed automatically. Courses taken before the Fall 1996 semester require the filing of a Grade Replacement form (forms are also available at the Registrar's Office).

How does Grade Replacement work? Once the Grade Replacement has been processed, the original grade is removed from your GPA. It will always appear on your record, but is no longer calculated. (For remedial courses, the first two grades may be replaced, if necessary.) If your second attempt was prior to the Fall, 1996 semester, and you fail to file the Grade Replacement Form, the initial grade will continue to be calculated.

How will it affect my GPA? I got a much better grade the second time around-why didn't my GPA skyrocket? The grade point average is an average of all the grades you have been awarded, so removing a single bad grade from its calculation may not necessarily create dramatic change. However, repeating failed courses is the quickest way to raise a GPA, because the "F's" are removed. For an explanation of the GPA calculation and a GPA calculator, please refer to the Calculate GPA page.

How do I know that the Grade Replacement was processed? You may check your academic record on myWCU, or call the Office of the Registrar at (610) 436-1026.

Transfer Credit: Non-WCU Courses

  1. Your first step is to obtain a Transfer Credit Permission  form, available at the Office of the Registrar. If you do not file this form with the Office of the Registrar, you may not receive transfer credit from West Chester University.
  2. Courses must be taken for a letter grade (no audits, no pass/fail). Courses failed at WCU may not be repeated at another institution. Remember, only credits transfer, not grades.
  3. Fill out the top part of the form.
  4. Check the Transfer Credit Equivalencies to see if an equivalency has been established for the courses you wish to take.
    • If an equivalent has been established, turn in the form at the Office of the Registrar.
    • If no equivalency has been established, go to the department chair of the WCU course equivalent-- if you want to take a chemistry course, you need to see the Chemistry Department chair. Bring a course description with you. (The course description may appear in the other institution's schedule or catalog.) The department chair will determine the WCU Course Equivalent, and sign the form, noting approval.
  5. Bring the form back to the Registrar's Office.
  • How does the course get on my record? When you finish the course, request that an official transcript be sent from that institution directly to: Transfer Credit Analyst Office of the Registrar, West Chester University, West Chester, PA, 19383. The University reserves the right to reassess the precise distribution of course credits awarded. If you are sending your transcripts electronically, send to the Transfer Credit at the Registrar.

Withdrawal (W)

The "W" period follows the Drop/Add Period. During this time, if you withdraw from a class, a "W" will appear on your permanent academic record, but there will be no impact on your GPA. Students who fail to withdraw from or drop a course officially can expect to receive a grade of "F" for the course and are financially obligated to pay for it.

Will a withdrawal impact my financial aid? Yes, it can. Learn how enrollment changes can affect your financial aid.

How do I withdraw from a course? You can do course withdrawals online. Login to your myWCU account and use the "Drop" tab on the Enroll in Classes pages.

For more information on Withdrawing from a Course, please view the University Catalog.

How do I withdraw from all my courses? You cannot use the online withdrawal process to drop all of your courses. To complete a Term Withdrawal (all classes in a term) you must come to the Registrar's office and submit the Undergraduate Term Withdrawal  form. Please note that term withdrawal may affect your financial aid and if you have any financial obligation to the University, your academic records may be unavailable until the issue is resolved. For more information on Withdrawal/Enrollment Change and Aid, please view the University Catalog.

  • Deadline:
    • The last day for "W" is the end of the 9th week of classes (or the equivalent in summer sessions). After the 9th week of classes, you may not withdraw selectively from individual courses; come to the Registrar's Office to withdraw from the University. If you withdraw from the University during the last week of classes, letter grades will be assigned for your courses.
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